Justice of the Heart

Ben Van Arragon

Read: Exodus 23:1-9

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony . . . do not pervert justice . . . (v. 2 NIV)

The Old Testament contains instructions regarding every area of human life. These instructions guide public action, but it starts with shaping private attitude. It rests on one guiding conviction: that the God who created and orders all things also presides over all things. Human beings are accountable to God for every act and attitude, seen or unseen.

When we forget this fundamental truth, we give in to ungodly influence. We compromise Christian ethics for the sake of comfort and convenience. We give in to social and political movements that perpetuate injustice out of pressure to conform. We are guided more by fear and self-interest than devotion to God’s will. In the face of political rhetoric and social pressure, we lose touch with the heart of God. God’s heart is for justice: making life right, especially for the most vulnerable and needy.

What we must remember is that the God who demands earthly justice for the poor and oppressed has already established cosmic justice for us. We have been made right with God through Jesus Christ. So we devote ourselves to making life right—even when doing so goes unseen or unrewarded. —Ben Van Arragon

As you pray, ask God to shape your acts and attitudes around his truth and justice.