The Creator Who Delights

Amy Curran

Read: Genesis 3:8 

And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day . . .

My grandmother loves to grow flowers. She has an amazing variety in her large plot outside. From marigolds to snapdragons to roses, she’s growing them and knows the secret to keeping them happy. I’ve never visited her in the summer that she’s not outside in her flower garden, replanting, weeding, or thinning something. My grandma loves to wander through her garden with a guest, admiring the result of her work and sharing a tidbit of information about this or that. I have benefited much from her garden tours over the years.

Genesis 3:8 suggests that God, the creator of the world, apparently enjoyed taking daily strolls through the garden with Adam and Eve. Can you imagine God pointing out different plants or animals to the newly created humans, offering an interesting anecdote about each as they pass by? Perhaps we can imagine God looking around and sighing in contentment as the shadows lengthen and another day comes to a close. Evidently, our gardening God loves creation enough to want to hang out there when the day is nearly done, delighting in the beauty of it all.

God’s clear and continued delight in the world means, among other things, that God has continued to be intimately involved with creation after it was completed. Far from leaving us to our own devices, God has continued to personally walk in the garden in the evening, just to enjoy it.

As you pray, spend time enjoying an aspect of creation today.