Relationship with the Land

Amy Curran

Read: Romans 8:19-21

The creation itself will be set free from its bondage . . . (v. 21)

God’s care of the earth did not end in Genesis. Jesus’ resurrection does more than offer new life to us and our interpersonal relationships. As we read in Romans 8, God continues to work for the flourishing of all creation. What a beautiful hope—God longs for every created being, right down to the soil, to experience the fullness of life for which they were created.

I loved my first summer of living and working on a farm. I loved the work, and I also loved wandering the woods in the evening, watching sunsets over the pond, and playing with the baby goats. One evening, I perched on the tractor and looked out at the field as the shadows of trees lengthened across it. As I breathed the cool air, a thought came to me: God loves this land and shows love to us through the land. Therefore, caring for it is an act of love toward God.

Many of us live in a way that is quite disconnected from the land. As a whole, our society uses it as a mere resource. We don’t often think about relationship with the land. If we do, it is often with a tone of lament because we don’t know what to do.

What a gift it is that our God seeks to restore all of our relationships that have been affected by the fall, even our relationship with the land itself. —Amy Curran

As you pray, give thanks for God’s work to restore creation and our relationship with it.