The Table

Amy Curran

Read: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. (v. 17)

A friend of mine went to Ireland to do a master’s program in reconciliation. After a full year of studying relationships between Catholics and Protestants, as well as the latest theories and studies on reconciliation, I asked him what he’d found. His reply was surprisingly simple: “Get people eating together around a table.” He said, “When people eat together, they become family. When they feel like family, they learn to work past their differences because they’re relating to one another at a different level.”

Jesus also gave us a meal—Communion. Through this meal, we are invited into the “ministry of reconciliation,” the reconciling of all our broken relationships. Communion represents our reconciliation to God and welcome into God’s family. By partaking, we become part of Jesus’ broken and resurrected body, and part of the new creation Jesus’ resurrection brings. We do not come to this Table alone but are invited to be reconciled together. This invitation to reconciliation extends to our relationships with one another, as brothers and sisters.

Furthermore, because this meal is tangible, using wine and bread made from grain grown from the earth, reconciliation reaches our relationship with the land as well. Every time we receive this meal, we enter the gift and work of reconciliation more fully. —Amy Curran

As you pray, reflect on what it means to be “new creation.”