Another Beautiful Vision from Isaiah

Jeff Munroe

Read: Isaiah 42:1-7

A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench. (v. 3)

I hear Isaiah 42:3 very personally: when I am in pain (a bruised reed), God will not break me. Likewise, when I struggle to believe, when I am nothing but a piece of “smoking flax,” or as modern translations render it, “a dimly burning wick,” God will not extinguish what little fire I have left.

I have a friend who recently received terrible news. After some days of confusion and disorientation, he learned his problems were being caused by an incurable form of brain cancer. It would seem so easy to lash out in anger at God, but my friend has done the opposite—he is moving closer to God. He’s had surgery to remove a large tumor and now has started chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment will extend his life for a year or maybe two, but it cannot cure him. His only medical hope is that a cure be found soon. But he is not clinging to medical hope. He is clinging to God’s promises. God is not breaking him, even though he is bruised. And instead of being quenched, the fires of his faith are burning brighter than ever.

How do you handle adversity? I’ve been so impressed that my friend isn’t looking for someone to blame. Instead of pinning his problems on God, he is letting God walk alongside him.

They are closer than ever. It’s beautiful. —Jeff Munroe

As you pray, thank God he doesn’t break us. Ask him to be with you.