The Resurrection

John Koedyker

Read: Mark 12:18-27

He is not God of the dead, but of the living. (v. 27)

What happens after we die has always been a topic of debate throughout human history. Even in Jesus’ time there were a variety of opinions. One opinion held by a group of religious leaders known as the Sadducees was that there is no resurrection of the dead. Although not large in number, they wielded a fair amount of authority in Jewish society. And Jesus’ popularity threatened that.

So, like other critics before them, the Sadducees wanted to trip Jesus up and make him look foolish. They used a hypothetical question: If there were seven brothers, who each in turn married the same woman but had no children, whose wife would she be in the resurrection? For us today this question may seem strange, but there was a regulation in Jewish law, which made it the responsibility of a brother to marry the childless wife of his deceased brother (Deut. 25:5-10).

Jesus rebuked these sophisticated Sadducees for not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God (Mark 12:24). He explained that in the afterlife, there is no such thing as marriage (v. 25). Jesus also made it clear that he believed in the resurrection by referring to Exodus 3:6, where God says, “I am. . . the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” If God is the God of these patriarchs, even after their departure from this world, they must still be alive. Indeed, God is “not God of the dead, but of the living”(Mark 12:27). —John Koedyker

As you pray, ask God to reassure you of the certainty of eternal life.