Listening to Your Dreams

Ericka Loynes

Read: Genesis 37:1-11; 42:6

Hear this dream that I have dreamed. (37:6)

My husband, Duane, was recently reunited with the seventh grade teacher who had encouraged him to become a teacher. This woman had been calling Duane “professor” since he was a little boy. Once he reached high school, Duane even started thinking about pursuing a doctorate. But life after high school did not go as planned. While he would eventually earn his doctorate and become a college professor, the road there took a few unexpected twists and turns, causing him frustration and setbacks.

In Genesis 37, God reveals Joseph’s future through two dreams. One dream features Joseph in a position of high honor and the other his family bowing down before him. Tired of Joseph’s arrogance, his brothers decide to sell him into slavery. This one act starts a chain of events that lead down a road of loss and disappointment. Joseph moves quickly from a place of power to prison. It would take thirteen years before God’s vision of the future became a reality, but Joseph must have occasionally wondered “when, God?”

Sometimes our childhood dreams and hopes unfold in unexpected ways in adulthood. We walk paths that are not always easy, smooth, or straight. But that doesn’t mean the vision is wrong. In his perfect time, God’s plan for our lives will unfold as we trust him (cf. Jer. 29:11). —Ericka Loynes

As you pray, thank God for the work he has begun in his children.