Seasons and Cycles

Peggy Byland

Read: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven . . . (v. 1)

In September 2018, I lived for three weeks in DeTour Village in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There are some unique things about DeTour in the fall: a restaurant that closes for the winter when the food runs out, a gift shop that opens Friday through Sunday only until Christmas, a hardware store with rooftop delivery, and a water passage across the St. Marys River to Drummond Island, navigable by ferry except for times of high winds or heavy ice.

During my time in DeTour, where I preached at Union Presbyterian Church, I had the privilege of living in the Manse, a large historic home on the banks of DeTour Passage, owned by the church for use by its itinerant preachers. From the porch of the Manse, I watched the freighters motor through the mile-wide channel between DeTour and Drummond Island. Often the soft hum of the engines and the vibrations from the Drummond Island Ferry put me to sleep at night and awakened me to sunrise.

People in the houses surrounding the Manse appeared to function on a cycle of light and dark. When the sun rose, neighbors walked their dogs and headed off to work; at the first hint of dark, lights shone in neighbors’ windows soon to be extinguished as night settled in. Genesis 1 and 2 teaches us that God created the cycle of light and dark. God created the seasons. And God called it good. —Peggy Byland

As you pray, thank God for creating seasons and cycles.