Sunrise, Sunset

Peggy Byland

Read: Deuteronomy 4:15-20

Carefully guard yourselves so that you don’t look up into the skies and see the sun and moon and stars . . . and be seduced into worshiping and serving them. God set them out for everybody’s benefit, everywhere. (v. 19 MSG)

Raising our family on the west side of the lower peninsula of Michigan, beautiful summer sunsets over Lake Michigan were common. On clear, cloudless evenings, we would pack up the kids and a picnic basket and head to the beach to see the stunning colors of brilliant pinks and soft baby blues, which filled the sky to accompany the setting of the sun, another day done.

In DeTour, I had to reorient to the eastern rising of the sun over the water. Waking before daylight, I watched the sky over the St. Marys River brighten with the same pinks and blues I had so often witnessed at day’s end; a grand announcement of the day ahead.

From the beginning, ever since God set the light in the heavens, the sun has risen every day and set every night. This is a promise of God (Gen. 1:3-5, 14-19; 8:22). The Lord has put the sun in the sky for all people to enjoy; we view the sun rising and setting and are awed by its beauty. While we appreciate the beauty in the skies, as Christians we also see the heavenly bodies as evidence of God’s creation. To God be all majesty, glory, and honor. The God of gods, the Creator of all, will be worshiped—he alone. —Peggy Byland

As you pray, ask God to orient you to him and his will always.