You’re Invited!

Denise Vredevoogd

Read: Revelation 19:6-10

And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb!” (v. 9)

Eating is one of the myriad ways Jesus was like us in our humanity. The Gospel stories we will read in the next two weeks depict him dining with his disciples, Pharisees, sinners, with crowds, and in intimate home settings. Food showed up in his parables, becoming symbols for spiritual truths. From wine to figs to fish to bread, Jesus tasted the life we live.

In Eat with Joy, Rachel Marie Stone writes, “Food provides a gathering point, a center around which to build relationships and trust. Jesus seemed to attribute particular significance to shared meals as well—his table fellowship forms an important part of the Gospels” (p. 67). In every culture, food and its preparation form foundations for family and community life. Sharing food and conversation provide significant ways to connect with others. Simple coffee dates, elaborate feasts, family picnics, and church dinners all bring people together just as meals did in Jesus’ time. One day believers will enjoy a feast together in heaven at the wedding supper of the Lamb.

As you read these devotionals, you might have a cup of coffee or tea in your hand. Maybe, as some do, you are reading this at the end of a meal. Imagine that Jesus is sitting with you. Lean in to hear what he has to say. —Denise Vredevoogd

As you pray, know that Jesus is near, wanting to be a guest at your table.