You Have Enough

Denise Vredevoogd

Read: John 6:1-15

One of his disciples . . . said to him, “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many?” (vv. 8-9)

The barley loaves were probably small pieces of flatbread, and the fish was maybe dried jerky, a typical lunch for a young Jewish boy. Imagine how this boy felt when Jesus lifted his food, gave thanks for it, and passed it out. His little lunch being devoured by person after person, yet never running out!

Jesus and his disciples were up on a mountain, with no food anywhere, when Jesus asked them how they were going to feed 5,000 hungry men. Evidently, he already knew what he was going to do when he asked. It was a test question that Jesus answered himself by multiplying a boy’s meager offering until everyone was full, plus twelve baskets of bread left over!

Did Jesus have to use the boy’s lunch? Didn’t he have enough power to provide food without it? Sure, but he used what was available, what was offered, and then expanded the gift into provisions for all.

Jesus wants to take your gifts, too, however small you think they are. Give thanks and see how you can bless others with whatever you thought was only for yourself. The little time you have, the few dollars, the kind word or small gift—he can multiply the impact of your offering. “What are they for so many” turns out to be enough, with more besides. —Denise Vredevoogd

As you pray, offer Jesus your “barley loaves and fish” and watch how he blesses others with your gifts.