When He Comes

David Bast

Read: Luke 18:1-8

Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? (v. 8)

At first glance this parable seems to be a lesson in persistent prayer. If at first you don’t succeed in getting what you’re asking for, try, try again. But the widow is praying for something very specific. She’s not asking for a new house or a better job or good health. She is crying for justice, for vindication, for deliverance from the adversary. She represents the church as it waits and watches for the Lord to come again at last, as it cries out for the final victory, as it prays the prayer Christ taught: “Deliver us from evil.”

Sometimes it seems as if we’re losing; have you noticed that? The church I grew up in, where I first heard the gospel and came to faith, has been turned into an apartment building. Wherever you look you see evidence that Christian belief and practice and even influence are on the wane. You get the feeling that many people would like to see it disappear altogether. So we come to Jesus’ poignant question. “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Or will the last flicker of love for Christ and longing for his return have died out?

Not to worry. He is coming. Notice, he said “when,” not “if.” And when he does, he will find faith on earth. King Jesus will always have subjects. But here’s a question to ask yourself as you enter another year: When Jesus comes will he find faith in me? —David Bast

As you pray, ask “Come, Lord Jesus.”