Judgment as Light

Amy Clemens

Read: Hosea 6:1-7

My judgment goes forth as the light. (v. 5)

To understand how God’s judgment goes forth as light, we need to understand how light works. There’s the light we see, which is obvious to all of us. But there’s a whole spectrum of light we can’t see.

Did you know that X-rays, radar, microwaves, and radio waves are actually “light”? They all are part of the flow of energy emitted by celestial bodies in the universe called electromagnetic radiation. When you get your broken arm X-rayed, your bones are visible because this particular wavelength of light passes through soft tissue before hitting something that absorbs it, that is, your bone, allowing a picture to be taken. Light, so to speak, can penetrate to a place our eyes cannot see without the help of technology. In fact, our eyes can perceive less than one percent of all the light that surrounds us. Amazing! There is so much more than meets the eye.

When God says, “my judgment goes forth as the light,” God’s eyes are not limited to this one percent of visible light, nor all the rest. God looks into a matter completely, making a judgment and bringing to light the whole truth. Just as light is unstoppable, so is God’s judgment, reaching to the most hidden places, making them fully visible. Though our hearts lie exposed, we can rest in the assurance that Hosea offers: “he has torn us, that he may heal us” (v. 1). —Amy Clemens

As you pray, consider the perfect judgment of a God who created—and uses—100 percent of the spectrum of light.