February Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

INDIA: Give thanks that listeners are showing their appreciation for the Words of Hope programs by visiting, liking, and commenting on the Hindi Facebook page and YouTube channel videos. We are thankful, also, that the daily devotional is now available in India. People say they are blessed by the publication. Pray that the booklets could be shared widely and become a source of much encouragement for those who read them.

SOUTH SUDAN: We are thankful for reports that Words of Hope programming in South Sudan is appreciated by many in the Dinka tribe. The teachings that are broadcast on the radio continue to focus on the topics of peace and reconciliation—critical emphases as the country waits to see how effective the latest peace treaty will be. Those who listen to the programs agree that they must work toward peaceful coexistence in South Sudan.

UGANDA: Give thanks that since Words of Hope programs began airing in the Sebei region of Uganda in 2015, the radio station there has received over 1000 calls from people requesting prayer, counseling, and advice. From those calls, more than 100 individuals have dedicated their lives to Christ. Praise the Lord! Pray for producer, Keren, as she works hard to make programs that cover a wide variety of holistic topics from a Christian perspective.

IRAN: Please pray for a Persian listener who lives inside the country of Iran. He recently contacted Words of Hope to say thank you for the programs. He bravely shared that he wants not only to live for Christ, but that he is willing to die for him too. We were able to send him a PDF of a Christian book, which he has printed and spiral bound. Please pray for this man, that he would be kept safe, and that he would grow in knowledge of the Savior.

BHUTAN: We are thankful for a series of programs related to the Christmas story that were aired during the holiday season in the language of Tshangla. Program titles included, “The Birth of Jesus Announced,” “The Visit of the Shepherds,” and “The Ministry of Jesus.”  Pray with us that these programs will prompt many listeners to take the next step of faith in Christ during the new year!

TURKEY: Our Turkish producer requests prayer as he seeks to respond to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the people he encounters in his daily work. Pray that he would be led by God to find fresh inspiration for the creation of new television and radio programs this year that would speak into the hearts of the people of Turkey. We give thanks with him for the evidence of Christ’s light that he is encountering in listeners he meets.

TIBET: After a long search, the Words of Hope team in Tibet has finally found a new staff member to assist with listener follow-up. Praise the Lord! Hundreds of packages need to be put together every few months and sent out to radio listeners. These follow-up parcels contain literature on a variety of topics as well as CDs with recordings of past programs. Give thanks also for the network of volunteers who help to distribute these resources in their communities.

NEPAL: Pray for the over 80% of Nepali people who live in rural parts of the country that are underdeveloped and hard to reach with regular forms of transportation. Small villages that can only be accessed by trekking many hours on foot rely even more on communication through radio with the outside world. Says our Nepali producer: “We pray that those who regularly listen to radio will someday listen to our programs and be transformed.”

ALBANIA: Please pray for the Words of Hope Albania team as they continue to work on recording video interviews with Albanian Christians that will be shown on television. Pray that they will be able to get the additional camera equipment they need to complete this project. Pray most of all for the people who will watch these programs on TV, that their lives would be impacted by the testimonies they hear.

ARABIC: Praise God for the Arabic publication of a new devotional called, “Seeking God’s Face.” Pray that this book would be a blessing for many who read it. Please pray also for the new Arabic ministry leader as he adjusts to working with us full-time this year. Pray that God would grant him vision for how we can introduce more Arabic-speaking people to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

INDONESIA: We are thankful for faithful donor support that allows us to continue partnering with the important work happening in Indonesia. Because of this support, members of radio listener communities in regions throughout Indonesia can gather together to listen to the good news on the radio. This is especially important for the many Indonesians who are unable to read or write, as it provides another avenue for them to learn about God’s Word.

NIGER: Jon Opgenorth and Lee DeYoung recently had the opportunity to travel to Niger and meet with the Words of Hope team working there. Give thanks for the leadership of director Soumaila Labo. Pray for the new church start in Agadez, a strategic place to minister to immigrants seeking to get north. Pray that the radio programming there would be an effective tool to prepare people’s hearts to be open for the community the church will offer.