February Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

IRAN—Please pray for the public protests happening recently inside Iran. Pray that God might use these changes to tear down the political and religious walls that prevent direct contact with Christians.

NIGER—Uphold in prayer Lee DeYoung during his travels to Niger February 6 – 16 to meet with broadcast producers, listeners, and EERN church leaders. Give thanks for strategic gospel advances in key areas of this Muslim country.

INDIA—Give thanks for the publication and distribution of the quarterly Daily Devotional Book in Hindi. “Please pray that it may become an effective and helpful tool for new and old believers in their spiritual life.”

TWR—Continue to pray for ministry partner TWR (Trans World Radio) as they rebuild and regroup from a devastating fire in mid-December at their international headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. “There is no question in my mind that this has been an attack of the enemy,” shares President Lauren Libby. “But we will not be silenced— not by any ‘principalities or powers.’”

ENGLISH MINISTRY—“Thanks be to God for the devotional messages you send to me. I have received a lot of strength for my soul from them.” Please pray for Words of Hope devotional readers today. Pray also for the staff at Words of Hope as they develop new ways of sharing the devotional online, over email, and as an audio podcast.

TURKEY—Turkish partner, Shema Media Group, shares from those listening to the Christian radio broadcasts. A regular listener mentioned how hearing the broadcasts while she did her studies gave her peace. It was not until after listening a long time that she realized that the programming mentioned Jesus. When she met a Shema staff worker, she said how strange it was that now she would be talking to a real live Christian. “I am shocked,” she said. Pray for the seeds planted through the radio to take deep hold in her life and the lives of many other listeners.

SOUTH ASIA—“We are so thankful to our God that He has encouraged some pastors who are willing to cooperate with us. They are ready to record dialogue programs in the Dogri language,” shares producer Sadiq Masih. “They are very excited that they have opportunity to share the gospel to many people through radio, internet, and mobiles also. Give thanks for the life- changing testimonies of many who have been blessed and encouraged by the word they listened to on their mobiles and radios.”

TURKEY—Uphold in prayer Haluk and Wendy Bilgen as they serve with both Words of Hope and Reformed Church Global Missions. May Haluk’s programs on both radio and television continue to reach many with the saving gospel message. “Turkey is a country of 80 million predominantly Muslim people. Approximately 3.3 million of these people are refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. Most of the population see Christianity as taboo, and even suspect. Being a Christian is increasingly difficult, and some Christian ‘workers’ are being denied access into Turkey. The number of Turkish Protestant believers is only about 6,000, with 165 Turkish congregations in the country.” [Shema Media Group]

ALBANIA, KOSOVO—Continue to uphold Words of Hope Albania and Radio 7 as they find new and creative ways to share the gospel message. “Please pray for TV 7. We have worked hard to put on the air a TV channel that will bring the gospel to every Albanian home! At the moment TV 7 is broadcasting digitally in all Kosovo.” Give thanks for the leadership of Words of Hope Director Roni Prendi.

INDIA—Pray for the major revamping of the Lohardaga Ministry Center, which in addition to a computer lab and cafe, will now include a sewing training center for women. Give thanks for the provision of funds for the needed sewing machines. This district of 55,000 residents is among the poorest in India, with a nearly 79% unemployment rate. Give thanks for the opportunity to minister to this community.

UGANDA—Pray for efforts to enhance the coverage of a new Church of Uganda FM station near Mbarara. Since one FM transmitter might not cover the entire Ankole region, diocesan leaders hope to add a second FM station for the Kigezi portion of that area.

NEPAL—Intercede for the construction of the new Crossway Church building in Kathmandu. Now that the original earthquake-damaged structure has been demolished, pray that a delayed temporary worship center will be ready soon.

WORDS OF HOPE—Uphold the quarterly gathering of the Words of Hope Board of Trustees, under the leadership of Chairman Jhonny Alicea Baez. Pray for God’s guidance and direction for the upcoming year. Be in prayer also for staff positions needing to be filled that those of God’s choosing will be found.

TIBET, INDIA—Tibetan partner Gaweylon shares: “Thank God for the many parcels of resources being posted periodically. Pray that the seeds planted will bear fruit. Praise God for the many who are helping to distribute the literature and CDs in their areas. Thank God for the many new contacts made. Pray that we will be able to share these resources in new areas in the coming year.”

PRISON OUTREACH—”I’m 20 years old and this is my second prison term. While being tried before imprisonment, I was on the phone talking to my mother and was walking back to my cell and noticed a book on the ground. Ever since I picked up that book, my life depends on it. It’s like my daily nourishment as I try to fit in each of the messages in the Scriptures and verses. It’s amazing how sometimes the current event of my life has connections as I read the present day. I have two years left and I believe the Words of Hope will guide me and lift my spirit and help my state of mind. I thank you all for my daily bread and for reaching out to all the people around the world. I highly recommend the Words of Hope to anybody looking for the Holy Spirit. May God bless you.”