Helping Hard-Hit Communities


Words of Hope ministry teams around the world are skilled at communicating the hope of Christ through written and spoken words. They produce devotionals, podcasts, and YouTube videos. 

But when the pandemic hit their local communities, team members decided that they needed to bring hope and relief in more tangible ways as well. In regions with widespread poverty and limited government assistance, team members have been taking it upon themselves to distribute food and basic supplies.  

One of Words of Hope’s producers in India explains the desperation felt by some of the most impoverished in their society. “People are very anxious and worried about their life,” he says. “Most poor people have a fear that the hunger might kill them before COVID-19 does.” 

Bags of rice and other basic staples have been distributed by the team in several regions of the country. In addition, in rural areas where schools have been closed and there is no Internet access for children to continue learning remotely, team members are providing free socially distanced outdoor tuition for impoverished school children. 

People in Nepal are also suffering from food insecurity as transportation and jobs have ground to a halt for many sectors of the economy. “We are working from home and trying to reach the poor and needy around our community and provide the basic food items,” explains our Nepali team leader. “So far we have helped over 500 families by providing basic ration supplies during the lockdown, but many more have need. These are the people who are daily wagers and have lost their daily income.”

And in the country of Iran, leaders filled 50 bags with food supplies and slipped a thin copy of the New Testament in Persian into each sack. The bags were distributed to individuals desperately in need of help. A few people have already reached out to the team to ask faith questions. “We hope that besides the food, they can also find the living water of Jesus Christ during this time,” shares the team leader.