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Last year as COVID-19 was sweeping the world, Sepideh, a newly-divorced Iranian woman, found herself forced to move back in with her parents. Lonely and discouraged, Sepideh was glad for the chance to reconnect with an old college roommate who had some hopeful news to share.

Committed to Evangelism


Amir lives in Iran, where converting to Christianity is illegal and where sharing your faith can be persecuted with time in prison, or worse.  Despite the government trying to stop it, Christianity continues to spread in Iran, however. Many, like Amir, have no Bible, but they can download the Bible app, and some are getting quite creative about sharing good news in personal ways with those they know.  Amir began handwriting Bible verses from the Bible app, and transcribing Words …

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A team of young men in Bhutan are working with Words of Hope to reach the Monpa people with the gospel. The Monpa do not yet have a fully translated version of the Scriptures, and they have had no access to Christian media . . . until now!

Why all this Suffering?


Mehyar’s desperate prayer still echoes in my mind: “Lord, why was I born in the country of Iran?” Mehyar and his family were forced to flee Iran when his wife started receiving threats from the Iranian government on account of her outspoken Christian faith. Mehyar’s prayer continues: “Honestly God, sometimes I think you don’t have control over what’s going on in the world, because I see so much pain, war, and sorrow that it breaks my heart. Lord please bring …

You Speak Hope


Ahmad (not his real name) contacted us recently to let us know just how important hearing the gospel message has been for him. Nearly thirty years ago, when Ahmad was just a young boy living in Iran, he owned a radio that he used to listen to in his bedroom. In the darkness of the evening, he would hunker down with his radio and a flashlight, searching for broadcasts. “One of the broadcasts I found was yours,” he says. “You …

Two or Three in Iran

Iran, Presidential Update

How many people will you worship with at your church this week? I’m guessing most of us will gather with more than two or three. Some of our congregations number well into the hundreds or even thousands. Let me tell you about a man whose “church” consists of just two people. He does not have a church building to attend. He lives in southern Iran and listens to Words of Hope messages over the radio. Recently, this man sent us a brief message accompanied …