January Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

UGANDA: Give thanks that in the last 20 years, the rate of female genital mutilation in East Africa has dropped from 71.4% all the way down to 8%. Words of Hope is thankful to have been part of that story, with holistic programming that speaks to the harm of such traditional practices and encourages alternatives for marking the transition to womanhood. Pray with us that before long, this dangerous practice will become entirely obsolete.  

TURKEY: Give thanks for the strong partnership that exists between Words of Hope Turkey and Shema Media Group. We are pleased to have partnered with them for the past 16 years. During the time we have worked together, Shema Media Group has grown to include five radio stations and a TV station. Pray that this growth would be accompanied by an increase in accountability and teamwork across the many outreach branches so that new opportunities can be explored.

ALBANIA: Pray for Albania’s young people. Many seek to leave the country, hoping to improve their chances. Pray that they will seek and find their hope in Jesus Christ. Pray also that Albania’s churches will be able to help young people meet Christ, and that Words of Hope Albania radio programs would be a blessing to them wherever they are living. Give thanks that many of our resources for Albanians can now be accessed online.

NIGER: Pray for two of our partner radio stations in Niger that are facing difficulties from the Nigerien government. Both have been suspended at this time and therefore have had to stop broadcasting. Pray that this suspension will quickly be overturned so that Words of Hope programming can soon be back on air in those regions of Niger. Give thanks for the many faithful listeners in Niger who contact our producers regularly.

INDIA: Give thanks for two recent women’s conferences held in India at which women were introduced to Words of Hope India resources. Women had the opportunity to learn about both the literature and the media ministries, and many responded with excitement. The women were especially grateful to receive copies of the magazine and flash drives that contained audio programming, since many had traveled from areas that do not get good radio reception.

IRAN: Give thanks for the following grateful listener response received by our Iranian producer: “Thank you so much for your programs. Every day I look forward to listening to a new one. This is my favorite program because for someone like me who has no other place to grow in my faith or find answers to my questions, it is amazing.” Pray that these programs would continue to be a source of guidance and hope for the many Iranians who have no church to attend.   

TIBET: Give thanks for the following update from our Tibetan director: “We are grateful to God for his faithfulness to the ministry during these past months and for the many things that could be accomplished because of his grace. We know that we are surrounded and blessed by the faithful prayers and help of God’s people. God has been a faithful provider in difficult situations.”

ARABIC: Pray for the new Arabic ministry team leader who will begin working full time with us this month. Having grown up in a Christian household himself, he notes, “I am so grateful to have the parents I have. While we were never rich, they gave me the richest of gifts—my Savior Jesus Christ.” Now he is excited to guide more people into relationship with Christ through the Arabic programming he oversees. Pray that his transition into the ministry goes smoothly.  

SOUTH SUDAN: Give thanks for the following testimony from a young woman named Juna who lives in a refugee camp with access to Words of Hope radio programming. “I had to come here,” she says, “so I had not been attending church activities for three months. But now I have given my life to Christ as a result of listening to the programs.” Pray that these programs continue to be a source of hope for South Sudanese people who have been forced out of their homes.

BHUTAN: Pray for the Bhutanese people, that God would open their hearts to receiving the gospel. Also pray for the churches in Bhutan. Since they are not allowed to organize legally with a ruling body, but must be maintained in small, separate house churches, we must pray that they would be guarded from corruption even when accountability among the churches is not possible.

NEPAL: Give thanks for the following update from Words of Hope’s Nepali media coordinator. “We rejoice in our calling and count ourselves privileged to be a part of God’s great work in Nepal,” he says. He goes on to explain that radio remains one of the main sources for information, news, and entertainment in Nepal. Since 83% of the country’s population lives in rural settings, radio is one medium that they can count on!

INDONESIA: Give thanks for this response from a listener named Mr. Ebenhaezer: “Thank you. I am grateful for God’s help in my life through listening to your radio program.” Pray for improvements in printing and efficiency, as our partners in Indonesia have signed a contract with a new printing company for their devotional booklets. Pray also that we could find the right people to translate radio programs into several tribal languages.