January Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

WORDS OF HOPE — Continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing and guidance for the outreach of Words of Hope to many of the hardest-to-reach places in the world. Give thanks for the faithfulness of Words of Hope prayer partners and supporters during 2017. Uphold in prayer staff and partners around the world.

IRAN — Pray for the annual strategic planning and budget meeting for the partners involved in Persian language ministry: Words of Hope, TWR-Canada, and Thru the Bible. Guide the conversations that His name would be praised and the kingdom advanced. Continue to pray for safety and protection for the many Iranians who follow Christ at great risk.

TWR — Uphold in prayer ministry partner TWR (formerly known as Trans World Radio) after a devastating fire at their international headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. “We request your prayers as we labor mightily to recover from this serious but temporary setback. In the early hours of Friday, Dec. 22, 2017, a fire broke out on the loading dock of the TWR international corporate office in Cary. Firefighters responded and extinguished the blaze. No one was in the building and therefore no injuries occurred, thank the Lord, but a portion of the structure had to be condemned and smoke damage was extensive throughout the building. The next Saturday, two TWR missionary staff members entered the offices to survey the damage and discovered that the fire had reignited, bringing the Cary firefighters back a second time to put out the new blaze. In the aftermath of the fire, a criminal investigation is ongoing.” TWR and Words of Hope have partnered for decades, particularly in the strategic region of South Asia.

EGYPT — Praise God for the launch of a new ministry partnership in the Middle East, involving Words of Hope, Back to God Ministries International, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt. Words of Hope President Jon Opgenorth states: “This fits well with our model of coming alongside strong, indigenous ministries in order to help expand their outreach.”

TURKEY — Turkish partner, Shema Media Group is thankful for a significant increase recently in listener participation through social media efforts. “Praise God for His goodness and grace as our influence and impact continue to grow.”

UGANDA — Intercede for ongoing efforts by Ugandan believers to minister to the staggering needs of the one million refugees who have fled from neighboring South Sudan to Uganda during the past two years. The UN is only able to provide around 40% of the funds needed to feed and safely house the 2.4 million South Sudan refugees currently displaced throughout the region.

NIGER — Give thanks for French producer Rabo Godi. Many listeners call to express their gratitude for the programs. Pray for individuals who have expressed a desire to accept Jesus as their Savior. They have been linked with pastors nearby for further follow-up.

TIBET, INDIA — Pray for the staff of Tibetan partner, Gaweylon [Good News] Program for Communication. Pray that God will strengthen and encourage them as they serve, and that He will supply their needs. Please pray for the director and his wife as they are both facing health issues. Continue to pray for suitable staff with the necessary skills to join the team.

WORDS OF HOPE — “I’m sorry I haven’t lots of money to send but really appreciate the ‘Words of Hope’ to get me through many days. I find something through your people that I read that helps supply a solution for my problems.” Give thanks for lives blessed by the daily Words of Hope devotional.

INDIA — Give thanks for Rajesh Mansell, Garhwali language producer, and for that project’s follow up team. A grateful listener writes: “After I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, my whole life changed and I became a very happy man. Before knowing the source of real life, I did not have any peace in my life and neither have I known about the life after death. But my Lord Jesus has changed my whole life. He has filled my heart with an unspeakable peace and joy.” Pray that he and his family would be witnesses of Jesus Christ to many others.

ALBANIA, KOSOVO — Praise God for the ongoing impact of Albanian broadcasting partner Radio 7. A listener writes: “We’re thankful for the wonderful programs you bring to us all the time! I can’t thank you enough for all the spiritual food you’re providing for my life. I live in a small city and it’s hard for me as a single woman to meet with other believers. My brothers are fanatic and don’t permit me to attend church. Listening daily helps my journey to follow Christ.”

SOUTH ASIA — Give thanks that programs in the languages of Saraji [to the southern area of Jammu & Kashmir State] and Odiya [to Bhutan and bordering regions of India] are ready for broadcast early this year. Each program will be for 15 minutes three days per week. Pray for the progress being made in recording Monpa and Serchokpa languages, which will be webcast for a year before radio broadcasts are begun.

NEPAL — “Nepal is majority Hindu (over 80%) and no friend to Christians. The anti-conversion bill, stating that no one shall attempt to change or convert someone from one religion to another, recently passed and has become a serious concern, although not a surprise to Christians. We must continue to pray that God will protect His people from persecution, and that the gospel may continue to spread throughout the land.” Pray also for Pastor Arbin Pokharel as he continues to heal from surgery on his ears. Pray that there would be no hearing loss.