Joy and Peace


Tashi lives in poverty and isolation in a small mountain village in Bhutan. Her house is thatched and covered with a blue plastic sheet to keep out the rain.

Though there is no easy transportation into or out of Tashi’s village, and there are few Christians who live in her vicinity, Tashi has been able to listen to the gospel message in her very own home.

“I am a daily listener of the Words of Hope radio program,” Tashi shares. “At first I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ, but after listening to your program, I have received him as my personal Savior.”

Tashi could be living in fear. She could be doing everything possible to hide her faith. You see, the country of Bhutan is not a friendly place for Christians. Here, followers of Christ can be denied access to electricity and clean water, forbidden from meeting together in church buildings, and, in some cases, even harassed or beaten.

But Tashi is not afraid because she has come to know the risen Lord. “The programs about Jesus bring real joy and peace in my life,” she says. 

This is why we press on, even in hard places like Bhutan, where evangelism can be dangerous. People need Christ, both in this life and the next.

Tashi was introduced to the risen Savior because support from donors like you has helped expand gospel broadcasts into new heart languages. In just the past year, Words of Hope was able to launch two new programs in the Bhutanese languages of Tsangla and Monpa, and we hope to add another soon. Local Christians are producing these broadcasts and helping to connect listeners to nearby church families.

Together we can reach even more people with the good news of the gospel. Thank you for caring, thank you for praying, and thank you for giving.