July Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

UGANDA—Uphold in prayer Words of Hope Executive Director Titus Baraka as he recovers after a serious fall and resulting injuries. May he find the time for the needed rest to expedite complete healing. Continue to pray for the launch of the new FM station in Mbarara, Uganda as most of the equipment has now been delivered to Uganda and the installation process has begun.

IRAN—Praise God and rejoice with those who committed their lives to Christ at a recent conference. Pray for their faith to grow despite the opposition that will undoubtedly arise against them. Continue in fervent prayer for the team leader’s wife and her battle with pancreatic cancer. In the midst of this struggle, she still shares: “We are blessed. The mercies of the Lord are new every morning. His love is unfailing!”

ALBANIA—Pray and give thanks for the new TV program (The Truth I Hold) being launched by Words of Hope Albania. “Over the past several months we have interviewed a number of Christian believers who have shared with us about their lives,” explains Director Erion Prendi. “This program aims to bring transformational stories from an Albanian background which can be an encouragement to today’s believers but also to those who have not yet made that commitment to follow Jesus.”

NEPAL—Continue to pray that Christians will stand strong on moral and legal grounds as new anti-conversion laws will become effective beginning in August. Pastor Arbin Pokharel of Cross-Way Church requests prayer that there will be no rise of opposition and persecution.

TURKEY—Praise God for a man visiting the city of Antalya who heard the gospel message on Radio Shema. He visited a local church and three weeks later accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.” Give thanks that Words of Hope is able to partner with indigenous Christian churches and leaders in Turkey—to minister in places Western groups cannot always work.

ALBANIA—Words of Hope Albania requests prayer for Albania’s youth. “Many still seek to leave the country, hoping to improve their living. Pray that they will seek and find their hope in Jesus Christ. Pray also for the church to help the youth meet Christ.”

WORDS OF HOPE—Please join in prayer as preparations are already underway for the September 27-28 Words of Hope Annual Board of Direction Meeting. Pray not only for the myriad of logistical details, but that the hearts of staff, board members, and international guests will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

TIBET, INDIA—Uphold in prayer the ministry of Tibetan partner Gaweylon. “The political situation in Tibet, the harsh conditions for Tibetans, and the continued suicides make people hard and discouraged. They cling to their religion, traditions, and community even more. There are many places where it is difficult to go in India, Nepal, and Bhutan where Tibetans reside. In Tibet and rural areas of India where Tibetans live there are few alternatives, so people still depend on radio for news, entertainment, and learning.” Continue to pray for Director Anil Alfred and the Gaweylon staff and their families that God will strengthen and encourage them as they serve.

SOUTH ASIA—Pray for guidance as staff pursue the possibility of a different broadcast transmission site for the several language broadcasts throughout the country. Field leaders will be monitoring signal strength and clarity, as well as determining the availability of sufficient time slots to determine whether a switch would be beneficial for listeners.

IRAN—Pray for a new outreach opportunity to broadcast the Persian “Thru the Bible” programs over a pair of FM stations in southeast Asia. This would reach a sizeable audience of Iranian and Afghan workers in that region. Praise God that the test broadcasts received good response and pray now, with God’s help, that this will become a reality.

SOUTH SUDAN—From partners in East Africa comes this fervent request: “Please pray for South Sudan. Bishops in South Sudan are weeping and agonize for the state of their country failing to attain genuine peace and stability.” Uphold in prayer also Words of Hope producers in both the Dinka and Nuer languages.

NIGER—Give thanks for the ongoing USA visit of Pastor Maiaiki Kadade, the President of the EERN (Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger). Continue to pray for strategic efforts by the EERN to plant churches in the fifty largest municipalities where there is not yet a Christian presence in this predominantly Muslim country.

TURKEY—Give thanks for the new station in Mardin. “Due to it geographical location, the new station will be able to reach at least five other provinces neighboring Mardin, as well as Northern Syria and Iraq. Radio Shema will now have the broadcasting capacity to reach approximately 1/3 of the total population of Turkey.” Praise God!

NEPAL—Thank God for the progress being made in the building of a new facility for Cross-Way Church in Kathmandu, Nepal. Despite landslides from a preseason monsoon, construction is still ahead of schedule. However, costs are exceeding initial estimates. “Continue to pray as there are still many complications to cope with, including bureaucratic challenges and concerns of neighbors. And there’s no lack of spiritual attacks. Praise God that a temporary building permit has finally come, after six months of waiting.”

ALBANIA—Give thanks for the literature and radio outreach of Words of Hope Albania. “It has been almost a year now since my church started using Read the Bible in a Year, and because of that I feel so filled up with the Scriptures. Your radio broadcasts are also a blessing. Every suggestion and prayer seem to have been written just for me. God is good and He uses every opportunity.”