July Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

Iran — Please pray for upcoming meetings in July with mission partners. We are celebrating one year of our shift to digital radio programs delivered over the internet, and an increase in audience and impact. As the partners plan for the year, pray for wisdom and guidance in working together. Please also pray for continued peace between Iran and the United States, and the increasing persecution against Christians in Iran.

Uganda — Please pray for the leader of our Ugandan ministry, Titus Baraka. On a recent trip to the United States, Titus became sick with a virus. Although he is recovering, he was limited in what he could do while he was here. Please pray for continued health and strength for Titus and his wife Mary as they return to Uganda and their work.

Albania — Thank God for good relationships between Words of Hope partners, local churches, and church leadership. It takes ongoing work to maintain these relationships, but it is the best way to be present in the lives of believers. Working with local churches also gives the team insight into how to be more effective with evangelism. Pray for church leaders and the Words of Hope team in Albania as they work together. Pray for boldness in local churches as believers use Words of Hope to reach out to their community.

Niger — Please pray for peace between Christians and Muslims in Niger. Last month, the government adopted a new law affirming religious freedom. After a Muslim religious leader spoke out against the law, riots broke out in the city of Maradi, one of Words of Hope’s broadcast areas, and a church was burned. Things have settled down since then, and the religious leader has apologized, but there is still concern among Christians there.

India — Believers in many parts of India face problems because of their faith. Please pray for this believer, as shared by our ministry leaders: This man is the only believer in his village. People opposed his faith but he is standing strong to witness the gospel. There are few believers in his area, but they do not have a church. They depend on radio messages to feed their faith in Christ.

Tibet — Thank God for a new Tibetan New Testament that was recently printed. Our Tibetan ministry believes that it will be good for the many Tibetans who want to know more about Jesus. The Bibles are distributed carefully, so that they do not attract too much attention. Please pray for the people receiving these Bibles, and pray for continued resources to send these materials.

English — Rejoice in continued growth in the audience for the Words of Hope devotional podcast. This podcast shares the Words of Hope devotional every day, along with the daily Bible reading, and encourages the listener with a guide to prayer. Please pray for the spiritual growth of these listeners, and for inspiration and encouragement for the producer. You can listen to the podcast by searching for the Words of Hope daily devotional on any podcast app.

Turkey — Please pray for this believer in Turkey: “The people I work with are Muslim. Because today is Friday, they have all gone for prayer. They pressure me into going as well. They don’t know that I am a Christian, but they don’t understand why I am not going with them. Right now, I cannot read the Bible. I cannot attract any attention to myself because I really need this job. But now, I bought myself a smartphone and after I figure out how to use it, I will start reading the Bible from there. Please pray for me. Thank you.”

South Sudan — Pray for continued peace in South Sudan. As refugees return home, pray that Words of Hope programs would build relationships and reinforce unity between brothers and sisters in Christ, across ethnic and tribal lines. Our ministry also reports continued concerns about radio reception and radio transmissions, so please also pray for reliable radio broadcasts.

Bhutan — Thank God with us for the faith of young believers in Bhutan. Pray for a training program of Bhutanese young adults who are eager to share the gospel in their country. This group has a big dream to share the gospel with every Bhutanese in their heart language. Pray for God’s guidance as they work to achieve this goal.

Nepal — Please pray for continued ministry in Nepal, despite many challenges. Thank God with us for these faithful followers! Our ministry leader in Nepal reports: “One of our leaders ministered in the far western region and reported this morning that there were six new baptisms yesterday. The house fellowship is growing very fast to become a church. Opposition and lack of proper fellowship halls are always challenges we have faced, but when we see people turning their lives to God, they mean nothing as we move on and on.”

IndonesiaPray for a believer in Indonesia. She recently shared that her family, children, and friends in her devout Muslim community have been pressuring her to turn away from her faith in Christ. “Give thanks to the Lord Jesus because she has survived in her faith despite the sharp pebbles she has to endure,” shares the Indonesian ministry team. Pray also for the work of the Indonesian team in supporting and encouraging believers living with persecution.