June Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

ALBANIA:  Please pray for the government of Albania, and upcoming local elections this month. Since the end of communism, Albania has been relatively stable and open to Christianity. However, there are continuing concerns about corruption and transparency. Please pray for continued political stability and transparency, so that people can trust the outcome of these elections. Pray also for integrity and honesty among leaders and those in authority in the country.

ENGLISH:  Please pray for this devotional reader, who is in prison. “Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I need prayer for me and my family and for the women who are in this prison with me.” Inmates in many parts of the United States receive devotionals from Words of Hope and from their chaplains. Pray that the daily meditations will bless these believers.

NIGER:  Please pray for two new converts in Niger who have faced persecution from their families. After he became a Christian, Abdoulkadri’s family abandoned him. Today, he is preparing to marry a Christian. Balki was also rejected by her family, and lives with a host family from a local church. Give thanks for the way that God is working in their lives despite these challenges. Give thanks for brothers and sisters in Christ who are supporting them, and pray for God’s continued provision for these believers.

BURKINA FASO:  Please pray for the persecuted church in this west African country. There have been attacks on Roman Catholic and evangelical worship services almost every week since Easter, with clergy and parishioners killed for their faith. Pray for Words of Hope’s work from Niger to have an impact across the border and for our sister ministry in Burkina Faso to be a witness in this time of crisis.

IRAN:  Please pray for peace between the United States and Iran. As tensions between the countries have increased, the Iranian government has increased persecution against Christians within the country. This includes breaking up house churches and arresting Christians, as well as removing the exterior crosses from historical churches. Pray for wisdom and restraint by political leaders, and for protection for the ordinary Iranian people affected by this conflict.

TURKEY:  Please pray for continued inspiration for our Turkish producer as he makes programs that are relevant to his listeners’ everyday needs. He prepares program topics focused on issues of daily living like marriage, family life, dealing with frustration, sickness, and financial problems. Addressing these everyday needs creates an opportunity to share the hope that Jesus brings to every listener. Please pray that God will use these messages to touch the hearts of these listeners as they hear the good news.

TIBET:  Give thanks for the patient, persistent work of Words of Hope’s Tibetan ministry team. When listeners contact them, they respond by sending Christian materials. Sometimes, there is very little contact with the recipients of these materials. Recently, the team rejoiced to receive an email from Ngodup. The team has sent Ngodup letters and other resources twice a year since 2008, but have heard very little from him. He thanked the team for their work, and shared how much these materials have meant to him. Please pray for Ngodup and God’s continued work in his life.

INDIA:  Give thanks for the success of a recent writers’ workshop for Hindi writers, organized by our partner ministry. Forty-one writers participated in the workshop, and have committed to regularly contributing to a Christian magazine. This magazine is shared widely, and is a valuable resource for the Christian community. Pray especially for one participant, a new believer whose family has abandoned him. Pray that these writing skills will develop into opportunities for work.

NEPAL:  Give thanks for broadcasts on two new radio stations in Nepal. These stations reach more people and are more reliable, and their broadcast areas include multiple churches. This means that the broadcasts are helpful for the local church in these areas, and the church can follow up with listeners. Please pray that these new stations create effective and lasting ministry.

UGANDA:  Each Saturday morning, Words of Hope’s Godfrey Kyome and Esmond Seronjoji host a live program on Namirembe FM in Kampala, and on Facebook. This is one of the most-listened-to programs in Uganda. Please pray for Godfrey and Esmond as they talk to listeners and share music. Pray that the listeners will be encouraged and challenged in their faith, and that the program will be an opportunity to share the gospel with many people.

BHUTAN:  Give thanks for new staff joining the ministry team in Bhutan. These new staff members will help produce programs and develop local follow-up. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as they begin work, and pray for the team as they develop relationships. Give thanks for a recent staff retreat, which was a great encouragement for the team.