June Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

MUSLIM WORLD—Continue in prayer as part of an international movement “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World,” coinciding with the important Muslim month of Ramadan and concluding June 14. “Christians in many countries passionately pray for Muslims during this time of the year when many are more deeply attuned to spiritual matters.”

TWR—After a fire last December, broadcasting partner TWR in Cary, North Carolina reports that work is underway to rebuild over 1000 square feet of their headquarters building. “The criminal investigation is still ongoing. It has been determined that the fire was a case of arson. Please pray for the repair work that it will be completed quickly and for the ongoing investigation.”

NEPAL—“In the last couple months, there have been several incidents of persecution in Nepal. The need for prayer is becoming more urgent.” Nepali pastor Arbin Pokharel explains: “There has been a trend that whenever India’s prime minister comes to Nepal, the radical Hindu groups elevate their anti-Christian movements and persecution. Please continue praying for Nepal.”

ALBANIAWords of Hope Albania reports: “Pray for the government in Albania. There seems to be a lot of corruption in many areas of life which affect hardworking and honest people. Pray for integrity and honesty and for the fear of the Lord among leaders and those in authority. Pray against the secular agenda of the media and broadcasting authorities who continue to put pressure upon Christian broadcasters in Albania.”

TURKEY—Shema Media Group rejoices that “God has provided all the necessary funds to open up a radio station in the city of Mardin! We are so grateful for generous partners and excited to be a part of what God is doing in southeast Turkey!” Give thanks for the part that Words of Hope was able to play in this new venture.

NIGER—Give thanks for Rabo Godi, Words of Hope French language producer, and the multi-faceted role he is fulfilling in reaching more Nigeriens for Christ through media outreach. Give thanks for the construction progress being made to establish a presence in Agadez with Pastor Sani Nomaou. Continue to pray for this strategic partnership in the country of Niger.

TIBET, INDIATibetan partner Gaweylon shares these requests: “Pray for the people involved in followup as they answer listener letters, meet people, talk on the phone, and distribute resources. Pray that God will give wisdom to see new opportunities to say the right words as they interact with people. Thank God for a new member who recently joined the team that he will quickly learn and adapt to the needs. Pray for several other new trainees, many with personal and family concerns as well.”

BHUTAN—Give thanks that the Drukpa Educational Society is doing well, touching the lives of many in Bhutan. Continue to intercede on DES’s behalf as they have set important goals for the future: “to train 100 leaders and pastors by 2020 to ‘be and make disciples’; to plant 20 churches by 2025 (God willing, one in each district); and to create an opportunity for all the Bhutanese to hear the gospel by 2030 (through various methods, especially through the use of social and electronic media).”

INDIA—Give thanks for the monthly Hindi publication. “Our readers are not only blessed by it, but also they are challenged to witness Jesus to their neighbors and friends with the help of this magazine. We are encouraged to know that the Lord is using our magazine to bless many lives. Please pray for the team and writers. Pray that it will continue to be a powerful medium to reach the lost souls for the kingdom of God. Pray that more and more of our readers may find courage to personally reach out to the unreached and be a blessing to them.”

EGYPT—Give thanks for the formal establishment last month of a partnership with the Synod of the Nile, Back to God Ministries International, and Words of Hope.The Synod of the Nile is respected as the leading Protestant voice in Egypt and has a good standing among all evangelical groups. This partnership reinforces reformed theology as the foundation for the mission.

UGANDA—Praise God for each testimony received in response to the radio programming throughout Uganda. Director Titus Baraka recently shared that after a Words of Hope radio program in Sebei, a Muslim man came and met the speaker outside the station. He was so moved that he came to say thanks and also to repent for having stolen land from a local church. There are also encouraging reports that many Muslim women in the area are regular listeners to the programs.

SOUTH ASIA—Continue to pray for the strategic outreach field of South Asia. ”Pray for the physical and spiritual protection for all the Christian workers across India. We need divine protection over every Christian. Pray for unity among all the churches in India. Pray that the Holy Spirit may mightily work in the church and in believers that they may rise to be mighty witnesses for the Lord.”

NIGER—Pastor Soumaila Labo, the director of the recording studio in Maradi, shares: “Reaching the unreached means touching every people according to their language. It’s a big step for the studio to have brothers who share this vision to reach the people of Niger with the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. God’s faithfulness manifests itself in this important ministry, for souls are saved and lives are transformed. May the Lord Himself continue to act through our modest people to achieve the goals.” Give thanks for the leadership and dedication of all those involved in program production and followup.