Making Connections


Sarkim is a Christian who lives in Indonesia, a country made up of 17,500 islands. It is an incredibly diverse region—home to many different languages, cultures, and belief systems.

For the last twenty years, Sarkim has served as a radio listeners’ community coordinator in Indonesia. Words of Hope and Back to God Ministries International produce joint Christian broadcasts in the area. Coordinators like Sarkim find groups of people who are interested in discussing the broadcasts they hear with others who live near them. In this island country, radio broadcasts in a variety of tribal languages help to bring a geographically separated church together under one shared gospel of grace.

The group that Sarkim organized meets together to enjoy times of worship, prayer, and fellowship in their homes. In rural parts of Indonesia, churches can be few and far between, but more than 260 listeners’ communities are meeting today.

Sarkim’s listeners’ community members still live quite a distance from each other, but nonetheless they meet together twice a week, even though their journeys can be burdensome and treacherous. “To visit them, sometimes I have to travel three hours by motorbike, continued by walking for two hours,” Sarkim explains.

Sarkim believes in bringing people into a listeners’ community, however, because the radio programs have been instrumental in his own life as well. “One day I heard your message on the radio that tells about Jesus’ love for us, so much that he’s willing to sacrifice himself. Suddenly I realized how much Jesus loves me, and I started to do all my tasks with more joy,” he says.

Thank you for your support, which continues to bring the gospel of Christ into the homes of people living in hard-to-reach places like Indonesia. Please join us in giving thanks for the many listeners’ communities active in Indonesia today, and pray for faithful coordinators like Sarkim who are helping to disciple more people in the faith.