March Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

NIGER: Pray for a young woman and her child living in the capital city of Niger. This woman is a recent convert from Islam, and her family has abandoned her on account of her faith. Local believers are helping with her needs, but this is a reminder of the very personal cost many new believers in Niger must face, even as they experience the joy of salvation in Christ. Pray for peace and joy in this young woman’s life.

UGANDA: Give thanks for the effectiveness of live call-in radio programs in Uganda. As one listener explains: “By 9:30 PM I have to be home to be listening to the word. Every Sunday I must listen to the program!” The programs encourage audience participation as listeners call in to compete with Bible passage reading, trivia, and hymn singing. Adjudicators offer constructive commentary, and participants learn more about theology and their Bibles in the process!

TURKEY: Please pray for a young man in Turkey who is facing pressure to conform to Islam like the rest of his family but who is researching options and seeking the truth. He is a 19 year old student currently studying at university. Words of Hope’s ministry partners in Turkey have been able to connect him with the church in Samsun, which is the only fellowship in the Black Sea region.

ALBANIA: Pray for wisdom and expertise for developing larger scale tracking and distribution systems for the ministry in Albania in order to best serve the growing audience. As the team attempts to become more efficient, they also want to uphold high quality communications and work to foster individual relationships with listeners. Give thanks that we are at a place where we can work to increase capacity.

INDIA: Give thanks for efforts that are underway to create programs in the Urdu language. There are over 100 million native speakers of Urdu in India and Pakistan, so this will be an incredible outreach opportunity. Most Urdu speakers are Muslim, and can be quite hostile to Christianity. However, radio will provide a safer way to reach out to this community. Pray for the producers currently working on producing these programs.

IRAN: Words of Hope is beginning to produce its own Persian language videos! Give thanks for this provision. An Iranian woman who lives in Texas, and a man still living inside Iran, have both been working on producing these videos for us. Already there are videos that promote the website and social media accounts, others that feature daily devotional meditations, and still others based on the Psalms.

TIBET: Give thanks for the provision of a new car for Words of Hope’s Tibetan ministry partner that replaces their 18 year old diesel vehicle. The car will help greatly as team members travel to do follow-up calls with radio listeners. Please pray also as the team searches to find a new program translator to help with production of Tibetan programs. So far it has been difficult for them to locate someone with the necessary language skills.

ARABIC: The new Director for Arabic ministry has just completed his first two months of full-time work with Words of Hope and Back to God Ministries International. He has displayed excellent leadership skills so far, and plans to travel to the US later in the spring to meet with more people involved with the ministry. Pray for vision and direction for him as he continues to shepherd the new outreach efforts taking place.

SOUTH SUDAN: Please pray that the necessary funding could be secured to provide for the needs of our ministry partners working in South Sudan. A new radio mast is needed to improve the broadcast range, better studio space would improve the ease and quality of recording, and a reliable form of transportation for staff members will help them to better engage with listeners in far away communities.

BHUTAN: Give thanks for a recently held pastoral training that was held in Bhutan on the topics of shepherding your children and your church congregation. This time of teaching was the culmination of a two-year pastoral ministry diploma program put on by our ministry partners. In a country that remains closed to Christianity, such training for pastors is hard to find, and we are thankful for this opportunity that has equipped many more people to open house churches.

NEPAL: Give thanks that Words of Hope Nepal radio programs were recently introduced to many local church leaders and pastors who gathered together from across the country for a time of training. As it becomes increasingly dangerous and difficult to spread the good news in Nepal, the pastors were very excited to hear about the radio programs that can continue to aid in evangelism during this time of increasing persecution.

INDONESIA: Please pray for our Indonesian ministry team as they are having a hard time finding people who can write quality devotional content. We are thankful for how radio broadcasts continue to be instrumental in people’s lives. One elderly Indonesian man says that he still relies on his radio to receive information from the outside world. He loves to listen to Words of Hope programs while he works.