May Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

UGANDA: Thank God for an increase in contacts with listeners and devotional readers in Uganda through phone calls and text messages. They get in touch to ask for advice and prayer, and to thank the ministry for spiritual insights and encouraging messages. Follow-up workers contact these listeners to pray with them, and to connect them with local churches. Please pray for these brothers and sisters as they grow in faith.

TURKEY: New believers in Turkey face serious family and social pressure, and even persecution, when they become Christians. Thank God for a listener who reached out to Words of Hope’s Turkish ministry leader, and is now attending a local church. Pray that God will nurture this new believer in the community of the church.

ALBANIA: Please pray for this Albanian devotional reader: “Jesus has removed a heavy burden from my shoulders. He delivered me from the ugliest thing that was within me. So, when Jesus had the power to heal me from something so dangerous, won’t he free me from other challenges? Of course, he will! The devotional helped me understand that we are all just human. And we should not lose our love for each other. After all, JESUS IS LOVE!”

NIGER: Please pray for insight and inspiration for program producers as they make their programs. One recent series in Hausa was called “The Life of the Prophets.” Listeners often ask to know what the Bible says about prophets. The program producer then uses this topic to talk about the prophecies concerning Jesus and their fulfillment. Pray that God will open many hearts as listeners hear these programs.

INDIA: Give thanks for ongoing ministry in a remote part of northern India. Program producers have recorded 10 worship songs in Saraji, the local language. These are the first worship songs ever recorded in Saraji. Pray that this resource will touch many listeners, as they hear the gospel and worship in their heart language.

IRAN: This month, Persian team members are getting together for the first time to evaluate past work, plan programming for the next year, and fellowship together. Pray that God will guide them in their time together. Please also pray for one team member whose father died last month. He lives a long way from his family and cannot be with them. Pray for grace and comfort during this time of grief and loss.

TIBET: Recently, a severe storm struck near the office of Words of Hope’s Tibetan ministry partner. A lightning strike caused damage to the office equipment, including telephones, computers, and the recording studio. The loss of the equipment was discouraging, but the team has persevered. They have set up alternative recording equipment, and are working to repair and replace what they can. Please pray for the team as they work to replace the studio computer and continue recording despite these setbacks.

NEPAL: Thank God for recent retreats with pastors around the country, led by Words of Hope’s ministry partners. Pastors in rural areas of Nepal are isolated, and face increasing pressure from anti-conversion laws. The retreats are an important opportunity to encourage these leaders, many of whom have little training and work with few resources. Pray for these pastors as they continue the work of making disciples.

ARABIC: The Arabic ministry continues to develop new ministry opportunities in Egypt. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the leadership as they plan and make decisions for the future. Pray also for open doors for media as this ministry grows.

SOUTH SUDAN: Give thanks for this report from South Sudan’s ministry leader: “We are currently focusing on the messages of peace, harmony and reconciliation as the nation is now experiencing peace. The reason we choose this topic is to change the mindset of our people from revenge to forgiveness. It is only through forgiveness that people will experience stability and peace in their lives in South Sudan.” Pray for continued peace for the people of South Sudan.

BHUTAN: Please pray for this Bhutanese mother, who attended a recent conference on family issues: “While dealing with our child’s behavioral problem, appealing to the conscience by asking questions is something I have never heard before. And also dealing with the child’s heart issues rather than his or her behavioral problems was also very new to me and my husband. Truly thankful for this learning experience, because our sons are still very young. For us, the timing couldn’t have been better than this.”

INDONESIA: Please pray for peace and stability following last month’s elections in Indonesia. These elections were one of the most complicated single-day elections in global history, and covered both the national parliament and regional elections. There is also concern about the increasing visibility of  conservative Muslim groups in the country. Please pray for the country as the results are announced and the new government prepares to lead.