Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual run/walk?

A virtual run or walk is similar to a traditional running event except the participant completes it entirely on their own. There is not a required location nor a mandatory time. A virtual run/walk event creates positive motivation by awarding the participant for their completed activity. Many virtual run/walk events are associated with giving back and creating awareness to a specific cause, charity, or organization.

Do I have to complete the entire virtual race distance all at once?

Although you are not required to, we recommend challenging yourself to complete the 5k all at once! 

However, our event is for everyone, no matter fitness level. You can split your run/walk over a few days if you wish, and it can be any distance you feel comfortable with! The only requirement is that you complete your participation within the allotted dates. 

Do I have to run the virtual race?

We understand that many of our participants have different fitness levels, and not everyone may be capable of running the entire 5k. You may choose to complete the event outdoors by walking or running or indoors by use of a treadmill, indoor track or elliptical machine. The goal for the event is to get you up and moving! 

For those that need a little extra time you can also break up your distance into manageable segments. Just make sure you add the full time when submitting your final results.

Do I have to run my virtual event on a specific weekend?

The only requirement is you complete your run/walk between July 24 and July 31.

Is there a designated location where I have to complete my run/walk?

Since all of our participants are in various locations, you get to pick your location! You can map out the 5k distance by using the following:

  • Google Maps
  • Apple Maps
  • Runkeeper App

You may also choose to complete the race outdoors by walking or running or indoors by use of a treadmill, indoor track or elliptical machine. 

How do I register for the race?

You can register online by clicking this link: 

Can I participate in the WOH 5K if I am disabled?

Yes, we are very supportive of our participants who are disabled. 

Is there a minimum age to complete the race?

We have no limitations on age. However t-shirt sizes are based on adult sizing standards. 

How do I submit my results?

Submitting your results for our Near Far 5k is based on the honor system. Be on the lookout for an email that will be sent to the email you registered with giving further directions on how to submit your results!

How can I confirm my registration?

You should receive a confirmation email to the email address you provide during the registration process. If you still have questions, you may email us at

When will my swag bag be shipped?

Our first registration deadline is June 22. Orders received by then will arrive at your home by July 24. Our second registration deadline is July 24 with those packets arriving by August 19.

Can I change my registration information?

Yes. You can change your address, phone number, email address, and shirt size, before the registration deadlines of June 22 and July 24. If you need to make any changes, please email

Can I cancel my registration?

You may cancel your registration, however we do not offer refunds. 

Have a question not listed on our FAQ?

Please contact us at:

Customer Service inquiries will be followed up Monday – Friday, within 48 hours.