New Nepali Ministries in 2019


New Album: Naya Hriday

Music is one common language we all speak. We may know someone who became interested in Christianity just by listening to Christian songs. Cross-Way media ministry has been producing gospel songs to share the message of Christ to all who love to listen to music. Our third album of gospel songs is called “Naya Hriday,” meaning “New Heart.” It will be ready for the release by the second week of January 2019. This time the songs focuses on restoration and newness of life. We believe this will bring hope and comfort to many who are troubled and have lost hopes of better country.

New Radio Program Plan

“As first generation Christians, what we have heard and what we have learned is, “What not to do?” Our leaders have told us what we should not do or where we should not go as Christians.” explains Pastor Arbin Pokharel, leader of Cross-Way Church in Nepal. “Now we need to teach our people what we should do and where we should be going! This is the time for Nepali people to learn new ways of life, a biblical way of life.”

In order to address this need of the Nepali church and help the church understand the news ways of life from a Christian and Biblical worldview, we plan to start another radio program on “Christian World & Life View” in January 2019. This program will introduce biblical world and life view to the people of Nepal. Recording of this new teaching series, talk shows and interviews will start in the middle of January 2019.