November Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

TURKEY: Give thanks that our Turkish producer recently had the encouraging experience of meeting someone at church who was led to Christ through watching Words of Hope Turkey television programming. Pray that the man would be able to serve as a witness to the rest of his family. Pray with us that one day, the whole nation of Turkey will be able to hear—and accept—the good news of Jesus Christ.

INDONESIA: Pray that we and our partners will be able to provide many more radios and Bibles to help people living on the islands of Indonesia learn the Word of God. Funding becomes a challenge in the effort to purchase and then ship or transport the Bibles to the many areas where they are needed. Our goal is to keep trying to send them so people can learn the Word of God and grow stronger in their faith.

TIBET: Give thanks that a fourth intern has been able to join the Words of Hope Tibetan team. The interns benefit from learning new skills that they will be able to reference for future job searching. Meanwhile, the production team is grateful for extra help in preparing and packaging follow-up materials and resources for listeners. Pray for God’s provision as new full-time workers are needed as well.

NIGER: Give thanks that listeners are calling in to offer the producers words of encouragement and ask questions. One man called into the program to ask where Jesus came from. The producer was able to explain that Jesus is the Son of God, who was sent to earth from heaven, and that he was born as a Jew in Bethlehem. Pray that questions like this one help to lead people in Niger into real relationship with Jesus Christ.  

INDIA: Give thanks for writing workshops that continue to encourage aspiring writers in India. These Hindi workshops provide training in how to write from a biblical worldview about current issues facing society. Participants learn how to write articles, stories, and reports. Pray that these workshops would help to train and encourage young writers to excel in the art of creative writing so that they might be a channel of blessing and transformation for Indian society.

ALBANIA: Pray for the country of Albania, where atheism was enforced until 1990. Today, the story is changing, with currently 62% of the population identifying as Muslim and 30% as Christian. Training for church leadership is still a great need here, as the majority of pastors do not have formal theological training. Pray for effectiveness of the radio broadcasts, especially in many villages where there is still no church presence.

BHUTAN: Give thanks that Words of Hope’s Bhutanese team was able to meet together with team members working in India for a shared time of reporting and testimony to what God is doing! Twenty new songs have been recorded in the Dzongkha language, radio programs are being edited and compiled in the Tawang Monpa language, and a qualified new writer has agreed to write 60 new programs in the Tshangla language.

ARABIC: Pray for the local board of directors for our Egyptian ministry partnership. As they begin this new ministry, they are in charge of hiring additional leaders to advance the outreach of the organization. Pray for effectiveness in all their efforts. Pray also for safety and endurance for Egyptian Christians. Financial incentives for Christians to adopt Islam are used to break the morale of Christians in this country.

SOUTH SUDAN: Pray for the provision of funding for a potential new project in South Sudan. A new mast is needed for broadcasting, as well as updated recording equipment, living and ministry space for the director, and training for the staff. We pray that these additions to our existing infrastructure and outreach will increase our physical capacity to expand the reach of the gospel in war-torn South Sudan.

IRAN: Give thanks for the following good response to Words of Hope’s Iranian programming: “Our church in Iran has been closed, so your radio program and worship music has been my church. I have learned a lot and am growing in my faith.” Pray that the programs would continue to provide answers and encouragement to the many Iranians seeking after Christ who have no other access to a Christian church.  

UGANDA: Pray for the family of a part-time Words of Hope Uganda staff member who passed away recently. Michael Muraye had been working as a programmer for Words of Hope’s Bari broadcasts for the past five years. Only 59 years old, Michael leaves behind a widow named Sherinah and three children. Pray for comfort and provision for his family in the difficult days to come.

NEPAL: Pray for the effectiveness of several new Nepali broadcast series. “Habits of the Heart” addresses the problems and socio-cultural issues of the Nepali community from the Biblical perspective. “Christian Family” discusses how to uphold biblical values and live an obedient Christian life in the difficult socio-political context of Nepal. All programs are aired on over 30 radio stations across the country.