November Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

BHUTAN — Give thanks for a new series of YouTube videos that are being produced for Bhutanese people. Twenty videos have been posted so far, and responses have been positive. Please pray that these programs will reach new viewers so that more Bhutanese people may come to know the Savior. Pray for the ongoing safety of the Bhutanese team leader as he produces these programs.

NIGER — Give thanks that radio programs continue to be produced in five local languages in Niger. Many people visit the radio stations to talk to the producers and pastors. We are thankful that Christians are enjoying relative safety in the country at this time, and that more people are converting to the faith. Our producers know of at least five individuals who have made the choice to follow Christ in the last few months after listening to the radio programs.  

INDONESIA — Please pray for a 37-year-old radio listener who drives a motorcycle taxi (called an ojek in Indonesia). Every day he listens to the programs. He tells us that he feels blessed, and that he has noticed positive changes in his life. Please pray for him, that he will be able to bring more members of his family to faith in Christ, and that he will be kept safe as he transports people through the busy streets.  

SOUTH SUDAN — Give thanks for a series of gospel and culture programs being produced in South Sudan. The programs show how the Word of God has a positive impact on culture. The producers provide good insights for listeners and promote healthy relationships between people from different tribes. We are thankful that these programs are helping to educate listeners and show them how to live according to the Bible. 

IRAN — Give thanks for a successful Persian conference. Twenty-one Iranians were able to attend, and seven were baptized during the time together. Please pray for protection for the Iranians as they return to Iran and back to their everyday lives. Pray also for Iranian Christians who are currently serving jail time because of their faith. May they be encouraged in the midst of their hardships. 

TURKEY — Pray for the current instability in the region. With the recent withdrawal of US forces, Turkey and Syria’s conflict is creating massive refugee challenges. Pray especially for our partner radio station in Mardin, which is close to the conflict. Pray that the airstrikes and military bombardments would cease, and that Christians in the region would not need to live in fear. 

UGANDA — Please pray for the radio programmers, that they would be inspired by the Lord to produce programs that are meaningful for listeners. Pray too that as people hear the gospel on the radio, the Holy Spirit would work in their hearts to convict and draw them to faith. Our team reports the rapid spread of cultic practices in the country of Uganda. Pray for spiritual discernment, healing, and restoration. 

ENGLISH — “I read your Words of Hope every day and enjoy each daily message,” shares a reader of the daily devotional. Give thanks for this resource that is able to reach out to so many people, and pray for all the sisters and brothers who are reading it today. Pray that the Holy Spirit would touch lives personally through each meditation, and that people would be drawn closer to God as a result. 

TIBET — Give thanks for the variety of programming that our Tibetan team is able to produce, and for how attractive this makes the programs to those who do not yet know Christ. Modern and traditional Tibetan songs, health topics, and environmental concerns draw a wide audience of listeners who are then more likely to keep listening when Christian messages are shared. Pray that lives will be changed. 

NEPAL — Each year, Words of Hope’s partners in Nepal work hard to produce a CD of ten new Nepali worship songs. Give thanks for the completion and distribution of their third Christian music album, “The Heart of the New Covenant.” Give thanks for worship leaders who are gifted in songwriting and composing music, and pray that this new album of songs will be a blessing to Nepali congregations. 

ALBANIA — Give thanks for the recent gift of video equipment that will help the team record stories of everyday people who have come to faith in Jesus. These videos are used to share the gospel with people in the neighboring country of Kosovo, who speak the same Albanian language. Pray that the testimonies featured will introduce more people to Jesus Christ. 

INDIA — Give thanks for the personal followup efforts that are underway in the Garhwali region of India. A new house prayer group was recently organized, which means that four prayer groups are now meeting in the homes of radio listeners. Nearly 100 people have participated in these prayer groups. Our producer in the region also had the joy of baptizing 12 new believers in the last few months. Praise God!