October Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

TIBET: Give thanks that our Tibetan team has been able to personally visit many listeners to distribute resources to them. Where travel is not possible, the team has posted over 600 letters to reconnect with radio listeners and invite them to share about the radio programs with their friends and neighbors. Pray that this personal outreach will have a multiplying effect, and that more will come to know Jesus as a result.   

ALBANIA: Please pray for the “The Truth I Hold” television program produced by Words of Hope for Albania and Kosovo. In each program, committed Albanian Christians are interviewed. They tell their stories of personal transformation in Christ, and talk about their chosen profession and how their faith impacts their work. Beautiful stories are being shared this way, which are viewable to locals on TV and online.

SOUTH SUDAN: Pray for the possibility of adding a new broadcast language to Words of Hope’s South Sudanese outreach. There is potential to produce programs in the language of Juba Arabic, the language of education across Sudan. Such programs would be understandable to most ethnic groups from the region. The hope is to begin broadcasting Juba Arabic programming in areas that will reach a large listenership of South Sudanese refugees.

NEPAL: Words of Hope’s new Nepali Media Coordinator shares the following update: “We are very thankful for your prayers and regular support. I am excited to be a part of Words of Hope, and take it to another level of excellence within the country. We have been meeting and brainstorming about how to make our media more accessible to the people of Nepal.” Pray for safety for the team as new anti-conversion laws are making Christian outreach more dangerous.

TURKEY: Pray for the newly recorded Turkish television programs on air, that they will touch the hearts of people who are ready to hear the Spirit’s truth. Pray too for a lessening of political tensions between the United States and Turkey. Across Turkey, the phrase “the increase is coming” has become common, referring to sanction price increases. Pray with us that more noticeable will be an increase in love, joy, and peace in the hearts of Turkish Christians.

NIGER: Pray for new Christian converts in the country of Niger. Many face persecution from the first day that they make their decision to follow Christ. One convert who has been in touch with our producer is suffering persecution at the hands of his own mother. She has taken away his phone in an attempt to cut him off from contact with other Christians and stop him from listening to the radio programs. Please pray for perseverance for all converts in this hard place.  

BHUTAN: Continue in prayer for Words of Hope’s team in Bhutan as they turn important Old Testament Bible stories into scripts that can be shared on radio. These messages will help listeners better understand the Messianic throughline of Scripture as the stories reveal God’s plan of salvation for mankind. Pray for the team as there is not yet a translation of the Old Testament in the Tshangla language, which makes it much more difficult to create the programs.

IRAN: Give thanks for the expansion of Persian broadcasting through new online radio distribution. Previously, our programming could only be heard by people living inside Iran. Since the online radio was launched, we have tracked listeners in 28 different countries! This is a great blessing for the many Iranians who have fled their country over the years. These radio programs can now be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

INDONESIA: Praise God that our radio program is blessing people, especially in rural areas where many have joined listener communities. More people are coming to know Jesus, learn about God’s Word, and some are even asking to be baptized. Pray that the listener communities will increase in number, so that more people can be active in listening to our radio programs and attending prayer meetings.

INDIA: Give thanks for several community outreach efforts that are enjoying success in India. Computer classes are being offered, and many are eager to attend. At the beginning, 13 students joined, but now the class has grown to 51. Students are gaining certifications through this process. Free classes, such as learning to speak English, are also being offered to underprivileged children in the region.

ARABIC: Give thanks that a new Media Director has been hired for Words of Hope and Back to God Ministries International’s joint work in Egypt. The vision of this new ministry is to bring about social and spiritual transformation in the culture. The hope is that this media programming will serve to increase the understanding and acceptance of Christian beliefs. Pray for the new Media Director, as he shoulders many responsibilities with this position.  

UGANDA: Praise God for the launch of a new radio station in Uganda, Revival Radio on 93.2 FM in Mbarara. The broadcasts are in the language of Runyankole, and will easily be heard in the neighboring country of Rwanda as well. Give thanks that all of the studio equipment, which was shipped from Words of Hope in the US, arrived in good working order. Pray that the new programs will touch the hearts of many!