October Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

ALBANIA — On the Words of Hope Albania website, there is a button to click to indicate if you have made a decision to follow Christ as a result of accessing the materials on the site. Give thanks that in the last quarter, 20 individuals invited Jesus into their hearts! During this time, the website had over 2500 unique visitors. Praise the Lord for these changed lives, and pray that each one will be a testimony that draws even more to faith in Jesus. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Pray that communities in South Sudan would be transformed as individuals listen to the Words of Hope radio programs. Pray that many people would make a decision to live for Christ as a result of the messages they hear. Pray too for the producers, that they would be servant leaders, and that the Holy Spirit would continue to teach them new things as they study the Bible. 

ARABIC — Pray that the team in Egypt would lead the way to a revival in the Middle East. Pray that the Holy Spirit would fill them with power, and that they would be shown the best evangelization methods as they seek to spread the gospel clearly and truthfully. May the love of Christ that is shared through media serve to draw many more people into the church as they learn the truth. 

INDIA — Words of Hope staff in India recently visited a nursing home (in India called an “old-age home”) to do research for a magazine article celebrating “World Adult Day.” The team members enjoyed meeting the individuals living at the home, and came away committed to finding more ways to be of assistance to elderly people. Pray that the residents at the nursing home will find comfort from the Words of Hope messages.  

BHUTAN — Give thanks for a recent church anniversary celebration in Bhutan where 60 believers were able to gather. The Words of Hope ministry team was in attendance, and had the opportunity to make new friends. The team shared the vision to have every Bhutanese person hear about Jesus through media by 2035. All gathered committed to pray for the work. Thanks be to God!

IRAN — Pray for strength and encouragement for Iranian Christians, especially for all of those who have been falsely accused of crimes against the country simply for gathering in house churches with other believers. Pray for God’s peace, guidance, and wisdom, as Christians in Iran try to stand up for their faith while also protecting their families. Pray that the hearts of people in power will be changed so that Iran will become more open to the gospel. 

TIBET — Please pray for a young man who is doing translation and voicing for our Tibetan team. He is highly educated, but while in school became heavily addicted to smoking as a means of coping with stress. Eventually he was not able to hold down a job due to health complications from smoking. Now he is in rehab and enjoying his work helping to create Tibetan programs. Pray that during his time with the team, he would come to know Jesus personally. 

NIGER — Please pray for a newly converted Nigerien student, whose father is threatening to pull her out of school if she does not give up her faith. Even at school the other students have been cruel to her because of her decision to follow Christ. Despite these hardships, she remains committed to her faith in Jesus. She knows that she may face many difficulties, but is confident that God will help her. 

TURKEY — Please pray for Words of Hope’s Turkish program producer, that he could continue to create quality programming, and could speak the truth in love to those who listen to the broadcasts. Pray too for members of his family who do not yet know Jesus personally. Pray that he and his wife would be able to witness to them in a compelling manner, and that the Holy Spirit would bring about life change. 

NEPAL — Give thanks that more pastors and leaders in Nepal are learning about the Words of Hope radio programs. We hear from many now who not only listen to the programs themselves, but also use them as discipleship training material in their local churches. Also give thanks that in the last few months, ten radio listeners have been baptized, and are now attending church regularly. 

INDONESIA — Please pray for the member of a listener community in Indonesia whose husband recently died. She now must care for their two-year-old daughter alone. Pray for strength and encouragement for her, and that the community she has come to know while listening to the radio programs will support her through all the needs she may face in the coming days. 

UGANDA — Pray for guidance and inspiration for the team members who write and voice the Words of Hope Uganda radio programs. A recent series focused on different sayings of Jesus as recorded in the gospels, helping listeners to understand what Jesus wanted his followers to know. Pray that these programs would serve to deepen faith and would encourage thought-provoking dialogue at listener forums.