Out of the Ashes


Issaka knew that something was wrong. The smell of smoke can carry far on the wind, and while he was traveling home, a phone call from a friend warned him that churches throughout the country of Niger were being set on fire by protesters.

Authorities blocked entry into his hometown, so Issaka had to wait for hours as the worry mounted inside him. His pastor’s family had been living inside their church building. Had they escaped? And what about his own home and family? Issaka prayed that everyone was safe.

At 5:00 PM on January 17, 2015, Issaka was finally allowed to enter his city. Thankfully, his own house and family had been spared and his pastor’s family had not been harmed either. But their church had been burned down, and all of the pastor’s belongings had been either stolen or destroyed in the blaze.

Three years after the riots, Issaka’s church, and many others throughout the country, have been rebuilt. “By God’s grace,” he says, “we now have a brand new building that is even bigger than we were expecting. It’s amazing. The Lord is great, and the Lord is faithful.”

Today, Issaka and his family gather freely to worship in their new church, which is visible from a long ways away. We give thanks with Issaka, that total church membership throughout Niger is growing, and that the forgiveness made possible through Christ is continuing to change lives.

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