Persian Daily Devotional Videos


The Words of Hope devotional is experiencing significant growth. In 2010, it was first translated and adapted into Albanian. In 2017, culturally relevant versions of the devotional were distributed in both Uganda and India. An English language podcast now allows people to listen in a car or through their smart speakers. But the latest development moves the devotional into even newer territory—video.

“Persian people are very visual people,” explains Words of Hope’s Iranian ministry director. “If given a choice between reading or watching, they are going to choose watching.” The Persian ministry team spent almost a year trying to figure out how, with limited resources, they could create original Christian video programming in Persian. The team’s hope was to produce high quality Persian videos grounded solidly in the Bible.

After much searching and prayer, the director met an Iranian video producer living in the United States who was excited to partner with Words of Hope. The video producer now starts with the text and content of the main Words of Hope daily devotional, translates it into Persian, and adapts it as needed for the new audience.

We are so thankful that these videos are already garnering a tremendous response from Persian speaking viewers both inside and outside of Iran.