Radio: A Part of Everyday Life


Over 80% of Nepali people live in the rural areas of the country, most of which are underdeveloped and hard to reach. While the cities are equipped with more advanced means of communication like television and internet, the mountainous regions of Nepal rely heavily on radio.

However, in both rural and urban homes, radio is a part of everyday life. Listening to an FM radio program happens everywhere in the city. From a morning bus ride to work, to a nearby grocery shop, you can always hear radio programs aired from various radio stations. In the villages, people relax listening to radio program after a hard day’s work. Sometimes, farmers take their radios into the field to listen while they work. Shepherds on the mountains, travelers on the rocky mountains, and hustling city dwellers always have their ears open for radio programs. No doubt, radio is one of the main source of information, news, and entertainment in Nepal.

Words of Hope Nepali leader Amit Karthak writes: “Cross-Way Church in Kathmandu, Nepal, is committed to being ‘Disciples of Christ who make disciples.’ We have embraced the Great Commission to reach the unreached. To teach others to obey everything our Lord has commanded us. These people can be beside us on a public bus, or on top of the unreached mountain village. We strive to reach and serve all in every possible way. Still it is not enough. We want to make use of every opportunity to reach people, to share the love of Christ, to lead them to Christ, and to plant Christ-centered churches.”

“We are learning to use radio to reach many souls and bring them into the Lord’s fold,” Amit continues. “We hope and pray that the 90% (according to a recent survey) of the Nepali population who regularly listen to radio  will someday get the opportunity to listen to our programs and be transformed.”

Every week, Cross-Way Church leaders prepare and preach “biblically-relevant” sermons that address the frustrations of life in Nepal and provide comfort and hope in Christ. These sermons are recorded live and aired across the country.

The media ministry team in Nepal is continually working to make the programs even better. They not only try to avail the listener’s feedback to the programs, but they also work with regional leaders and church members to improve the programming.

“We hope to make it more effective in coming years. We hope and pray for a new phase of radio ministry in Nepal in 2019.”