Reaching Beyond Borders


With the help of social media, Words of Hope Albania is sharing programs with Albanian immigrants living outside the country. The largest concentration of these immigrants is in Greece and Italy. 

Thanks to this exposure, our team is now also sharing programs on Greek Christian radio stations. There has also been an increased demand from within Greece for Bible-based books and other printed resources in the Albanian language.

As they focus more on online ministry, Words of Hope Albania has provided a way for people to give their lives to Christ through the website. In a section titled “Would you accept Jesus?” readers are encouraged to pray a prayer of commitment and ask the Lord into their hearts. If they do, they click the confirmation button. 

The website reads: “We congratulate you if you have made this prayer today! It is without a doubt the most important decision of your life. From today you are beginning a new life in relationship with God.”

In the past three months, 27 people accepted Christ through the website. Praise God!