Searching for Good News


Pranav was raised as a devout Hindu. His family lives high up in the mountains of India, far-removed from larger towns and cities. “I got frustrated with the struggles of life,” he says. “I had many unanswered questions in my heart.”

Pranav was feeling discouraged and decided to scan his radio one day for songs or news to listen to. “I came across a gospel song in my own tribal language,” he says. “I was happy to listen to it.”

The next day he tuned his radio to our program again, and heard the name Jesus. Out of curiosity he began to listen every day. “Something was changing inside me,” he says.  

Eventually someone introduced him to our radio program producer who gave him a New Testament. Pranav started to read it regularly and noticed that his faith in Jesus was growing stronger.

“I have now been listening to God’s Word on radio for some time,” he says. “I realize that the Lord Jesus is the only God and Savior. As I have accepted the Word and believed in my heart, I have experienced peace in my heart and life despite difficulties.”

People like Pranav may be searching, knowing that something is missing from their lives, but until they hear of Jesus, they will not know the answers. The resurrection of Jesus truly changes their story!