September Prayer Guide

Pray With Us

Nepalese man

Arabic: Give thanks for the new Arabic ministry launched in collaboration with Back to God Ministries International and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt. Please pray for wisdom as together we work to select a leader for this new joint outreach program. Pray that God will prepare the right individual to serve in this role, and that God’s leading and call will be clear to all parties involved.

Kosovo: Kosovo is a hard place to share the gospel, with a majority-Muslim population of nearly 96%. Words of Hope’s director for ministry in Kosovo explains that “most Kosovars view Christianity as a foreign force that is trying to divide them.” As more people have an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus, however, let us pray that God will open their hearts and eyes to see the love that Christ poured out for them on the cross.

Turkey: Give thanks for successful outreach for our radio station in Antalya, Turkey. The city of Antalya has a population of over 1 million, but only one church with about 40 members. Since broadcasting began, however, the number of believers in the church has increased to more than 100! While this growth is not the result of radio alone, the broadcasting is helping the church to grow and is allowing people to hear the good news of Jesus.

Iran: Pray for the upcoming training time for Iranian Christians. The logistics and security concerns in these gatherings are serious and significant. Pray that the participants would trust the leaders and each other, because often, and sometimes for good reasons, Iranians must be very cautious. Join us in prayer for the preparations, safe travel, effective teaching, and that the Spirit may present open hearts and opportunities to share Christ’s love.

Uganda: Give thanks for Words of Hope Lee DeYoung’s recent visit to Uganda. He was able to take part in a radio listener’s gathering for Luganda speakers, which drew hundreds for a time of shared praise, worship, and testimony. One listener said: “I just can’t afford to miss your teachings about Jesus as Lord. Whenever the time for your program comes, I am found ready to learn more about Christ. Thank you.”

South Sudan: Please join in praying that lasting peace may finally come to the country of South Sudan. The General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in South Sudan shares the following prayer: “Lord, may this new peace agreement find real purchase, may lasting peace finally find her footing. May leaders act justly, seeking the welfare of the people. May ink on paper link hand with hand and bring an end to this bloody war, the war we know in South Sudan. Amen.”

Niger: Pray for a man named Youssoufou who recently came to Christ. After excitedly listening to the radio broadcasts for some time, he contacted the radio station to ask for a Bible. He was connected to a pastor in a local church in Niger who loaned him a copy of the Scriptures to read. In reading the Bible, Youssoufou came to realize that salvation is not possible through works, but only through Christ. Pray for him as he seeks to testify to the rest of his family.

Indonesia: Give thanks for the Lord’s protection during the recent earthquake in Indonesia. Though some of our listener community areas were affected by the earthquake, no community members were injured and none of their houses collapsed. Please pray for the community members to be calm after this traumatic event. Also please pray that all earthquake victims in the region will be given strength and comfort.

India: Pray for a radio listeners group in India. The members live in a remote village in India that often experiences attacks from terrorists and extremists. The villagers have had to run from their homes at times in order to stay alive. A Words of Hope India partner was able to visit these villagers and share the Word of God with them. They now claim Jesus as their deliverer, and gather together to listen to SD cards and radio programs to grow in their faith.

Tibet: Give thanks that our Tibetan programs have had good reception with very little interference during the last several months. Many individuals have reached out to our Tibetan partners via phone, text message, email, and direct mail. “We are aware that we are patiently sowing the seed, and God will bring fruit in his time,” says our Tibetan Director. “Our efforts are not in vain and will bear fruit.”

Nepal: Please pray for Words of Hope’s new Nepali Media Director who recently returned to Nepal with his family after spending time in the United States. The Director spent the last two years studying at Calvin Theological Seminary to obtain a Master of Theology degree. The first thing he plans to do upon his return is to organize surveys that will assess the effectiveness and popularity of Words of Hope programming in Nepal with an eye towards future growth.

Bhutan: Give thanks that Words of Hope Bhutan was able to reach out to a group of 25 believers to organize a special prayer event. Pastors, deacons, youth leaders, and Sunday school teachers were coached in ways to serve the Lord more effectively in this region, where Christians face strong persecution. Give thanks too for new radio programs featuring important messages from the Old Testament in the Tshangla language, a language that does not yet have an official translation of the Old Testament.