September Prayer Guide

Pray With Us, Prayer Guide

UGANDA — Give thanks that initial ministry outreach efforts are thriving in the Karamoja region of Uganda. The people of Karamoja are an isolated tribal group living in the northeastern part of the country. Pastors from the area are excited about the new opportunity to communicate with their people through radio, and they are willing to travel long distances to record programs at the Words of Hope studio.  

TURKEY — Pray that a new series of radio programs focused on defending gospel truths would become popular and prove effective for Turkish citizens. Many other worldviews and faiths are prevalent in Turkey, but our programs argue that only the Christian worldview provides the true answers for questions of origin, destiny, meaning, and morality. Pray that more people would come to know Christ as a result of these broadcasts.  

BHUTAN — Social media is becoming increasingly popular in the country of Bhutan, especially among young people. Pray for our Bhutanese team members as they work to reach those who have never heard of Jesus through social media. Pray for help with selecting the topics that will be most interesting to potential listeners so that many will tune in to the programs that are shared. 

NIGER — Please pray for our Nigerien ministry team as they work to disciple and follow up with new Christian converts. All too often those who initially convert later change their minds and turn their backs on their new faith on account of experiencing persecution for their decision to follow Christ. The team attempts to maintain contact with all new converts through a network of local pastors. 

SOUTH SUDAN — Pray for increased signal strength so that radio broadcasts can travel farther and be heard by more people in and around South Sudan. Pray also for the transportation needs of the programmers to be met so that they can more easily follow up with listeners. The team continues to focus on programs about peace and reconciliation, and we are thankful that the country is experiencing peace at this time. 

ALBANIA — Please pray for the Words of Hope Albania team as they work to complete a series of television programs. Give thanks that the programs have been well-received. Plans are also underway for a second series of programs once the current series has been completed. The next series will be done in collaboration with local pastors. Give thanks that platforms like Youtube and the Words of Hope Albania app are allowing this content to reach many people. 

NEPAL — Continue to pray for the gospel to spread across this country. In recent years there has been a rise in hostility against Christians and Christian activities. We are thankful to have partnered with Crossway Church in the planting of over 30 churches in Nepal. Pray for the pastors, leaders, and believers in these churches, that they will be brave, even in the face of persecution, and will share the gospel with more individuals who are waiting to hear. 

ENGLISH — Words of Hope sends its daily devotional to chaplains and prisoners at facilities around the country. For some prisoners, this is the only mail they receive. Please pray for the spiritual growth of these brothers and sisters in Christ as they read, reflect, and pray today. A prisoner recently wrote to say: “Your devotional truly is my Word of Hope. These devotionals have led me further into my Bible and given me a new deeper understanding of God’s Word.”

IRAN — Please pray for Words of Hope’s Persian video producer and her family. Though she and her husband and son now live in the US, Iranian authorities have been targeting and intimidating their family members who still live inside the country. Iranian intelligence agents are angry because the producer and her husband continue to share the gospel online. Please pray for safety for the family members who remain in Iran at this time.

INDONESIA — Pray for the success of a video program called “Our Daily Spirit” that was recently launched in Indonesia. The program consists of short sermon messages hosted by more than 20 participating pastors in the region. The videos stream live to allow for audience interaction. Currently these shows are produced in English and Bahasa, but plans are underway to develop video programming in five additional tribal languages soon. 

INDIA — Give thanks that, even in the face of violence and threats, the staff of Words of Hope India is able to reach the unreached with the good news of the gospel. Pray for the Lord’s grace and protection as these staff members visit new areas and organize important events. We are especially thankful for the successful completion of two recent training seminars—one on developing effective communication skills and the other on teaching Sunday School. 

TIBET — Give thanks for two young men who recently joined the Tibetan programming team. They are being trained to write scripts for programs as well as voice them. They are making good progress, and already some of their scripts have been recorded and broadcast. Pray that their technical skills will increase, and that their work will bring a fresh, new voice to the programs that will attract more young listeners.