South Sudan Needs Your Prayers

Presidential Update, South Sudan

This week, I invite you to direct your thoughts and prayers to South Sudan. Pray that the hope of Jesus will descend upon this country.

South Sudan remains in desperate turmoil, as thousands of civilians have been forced to flee the country for safety, and many more have been internally displaced in refugee camps. Victims of this horrible conflict report a sense of hopelessness and fear.

Many in South Sudan today live in constant danger. They suffer from a lack of food and jobs. Unsure of where to turn, they wait in uncertainty as world leaders disagree on what methods of aid will be appropriate and effective. Oftentimes, the warring forces end up blocking the food and medical supplies that are sent, keeping them from reaching the civilian populations who are so in need of the help.

Photo Credit: Robert Stansfield/Department for International Development

The General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in South Sudan reports to us that “war is everywhere. Tribes are even fighting amongst themselves. There is no control, and killing, looting, raping, and child abduction have become commonplace.”

How can the global body of Christ respond to such a crisis? Our hearts ache for our South Sudanese brothers and sisters, but what can we do?

I have three suggestions.

First, and always most importantly, I invite you to pray. Prayer is the greatest gift we can give, and it is the strongest weapon we have against the forces of evil causing such destruction in South Sudan. Please join me in prayer for God’s miraculous intervention. Pray for the government leaders, that they would take the necessary initiatives to stop these atrocities. Pray for the United Nations and various governments around the world, that they would be given wisdom as to how and when to intervene. Pray for individuals caught up in the cycle of violence, that they would lay down their weapons and choose peace. Pray for a return of hope to those who have lost it.

Secondly, I invite you to look for charities that are working to get physical aid on the ground in South Sudan for those who desperately need it. Jesus cared for people’s physical distress with great compassion. May his church continue to do the same.

And finally, I invite you to consider sharing hope through a Words of Hope initiative to bring the gospel to many in South Sudan. Your donation today can provide MegaVoice audio players for distribution in South Sudanese refugee camps. These players will be purchased and loaded with Scripture recordings as well as peace and reconciliation programs. With many radio stations off the air at this time, these audio players will serve as a portable Christian teaching device that displaced people can carry with them wherever they go. Christians can gather to listen to the recorded programs together, living out church unity though they are far from home.

We do not yet know the end of the story for the country of South Sudan. From a human perspective, I admit that it seems South Sudan is a country beyond hope, but I also know and trust that all things are possible with God. Let us not grow weary in prayer, friends.