Iranian Church


Last year as COVID-19 was sweeping the world, Sepideh, a newly-divorced Iranian woman, found herself forced to move back in with her parents. Lonely and discouraged, Sepideh was glad for the chance to reconnect with an old college roommate who had some hopeful news to share.

Glimpses of Grace

South Sudan, Uganda

While COVID-19 continues to cause fear, isolation, and illness around the world, we are also witnessing ways in which God is at work in the midst of the chaos, and we continue calling on him to calm the storm! You Helped Us Prepare Words of Hope has always cared about making the gospel accessible to people, in a variety of formats and in many different languages.  Over the years your donations have sent packages of devotionals to prisons where they …

Gospel on Wheels


Hari is an ambulance driver in Udhampur, India. Ambulances are always in high demand and short supply in India, but these days Hari receives more calls than ever.  As India’s healthcare system continues to be stretched to the limit due to the spread of COVID-19, Hari must work long and tiring days, putting himself at risk to help the people in his city get the care they need.  Hari and his family became Christians some years ago. He sees his …

Helping Hard-Hit Communities


Words of Hope ministry teams around the world are skilled at communicating the hope of Christ through written and spoken words. They produce devotionals, podcasts, and YouTube videos.  But when the pandemic hit their local communities, team members decided that they needed to bring hope and relief in more tangible ways as well. In regions with widespread poverty and limited government assistance, team members have been taking it upon themselves to distribute food and basic supplies.   One of Words …

Albanians Respond to Christ


Although not as badly hit as its neighboring country of Italy, Albania has still been affected by the many changes brought on by COVID-19. As in many other places, the government there decided to close all schools and shut down the country. The lockdown in Albania has been one of the more extreme, however. People there have been advised to go out only for one hour during the day to buy necessary items, like food and medicine. The elderly are …