A Note of Thanks for the Devotional

Devotional, English

It is because of the donations of supporters like you that Words of Hope continues to be able to supply print copies of the devotional for free to those who ask for it. Over these months of stay at home orders, printing costs have increased and we will need additional support in order to continue providing bulk supplies of the devotional in our usual quantities. A recent note received from the chaplain of a corrections institution in Hawaii shows just …

Persian Daily Devotional Videos


A team of young men in Bhutan are working with Words of Hope to reach the Monpa people with the gospel. The Monpa do not yet have a fully translated version of the Scriptures, and they have had no access to Christian media . . . until now!

Devotionals for Uganda

Devotional, Uganda

Words of Hope’s daily devotional is now being printed and distributed in Uganda. In Uganda, good Christian materials are hard to find and expensive to buy. The Words of Hope devotional now provides Ugandans with theologically sound teaching. The booklets are available at a nominal fee that is charged to readers who can afford it and waived for those who cannot. The first print run of 10,000 copies was distributed by bus across the country in all 13 dioceses that …

Making an Impact in Kosovo

Albania, Kosovo

A quick glance at the numbers and you’ll see the great need for churches in the fairly new country of Kosovo. Kosovo’s population is around 2.5 million, and there are merely 30 Christian churches. These are small congregations, with the largest numbering just around 80 believers in attendance on a given Sunday. The smallest: ten members. The capital, Pristina, has just four established churches and a couple of groups working to build the church in different areas of the city. …

Staying in the Word


Twenty-four-year-old Steven has a tattoo of an eagle on his back. Steven is a dedicated hockey player, having pursued the sport all through high school and college. When his best friend on the hockey team decided to get a tattoo, Steven didn’t want to be left out, but he also wanted his tattoo to be a little different. A talented artist, Steven sketched out what he wanted his design to look like. His eagle is carrying a scroll in its …