Out of the Ashes


Issaka knew that something was wrong. The smell of smoke can carry far on the wind, and while he was traveling home, a phone call from a friend warned him that churches throughout the country of Niger were being set on fire by protesters. Authorities blocked entry into his hometown, so Issaka had to wait for hours as the worry mounted inside him. His pastor’s family had been living inside their church building. Had they escaped? And what about his …

New Opportunities in Niger


For the past ten years, Words of Hope Niger has been able to proclaim the good news through your prayers and support. In this strongly Muslim country, we broadcast in French, the national language of education, and Hausa, the more commonly spoken native tongue. Now, because of an exciting new partnership, your support will allow us to reach even more people who are waiting to learn about Jesus Christ! Back to God Ministries International has now joined with Words of …

The Passion to do More


“We cannot send missionaries into Iran. But we can send the gospel; in fact, we are sending it, every day. Our passion is to do even more. And you can help.”