Two or Three in Iran

Iran, Presidential Update

How many people will you worship with at your church this week? I’m guessing most of us will gather with more than two or three. Some of our congregations number well into the hundreds or even thousands.

Let me tell you about a man whose “church” consists of just two people. He does not have a church building to attend. He lives in southern Iran and listens to Words of Hope messages over the radio. Recently, this man sent us a brief message accompanied by the following picture.

“I take this cross everywhere I work. We don’t have a church to go to, but by having this cross at work I am changing my workplace into the church. We are two believers who work together, and I believe Jesus is with us all the time, too. Please pray for us.” ~Iranian Words of Hope listener

Jesus is with these Iranian believers all of the time. Jesus himself says this:“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Friends, your prayers join these two in the throne room of God, as together we pray on behalf of all the people living in Iran. Your wonderful gifts make it possible for us to produce the 21 programs we send each week into Iran through Shortwave, Internet, and SD cards. We know this work is producing fruit. Thanks be to God!