Women in India Recognize their Value in Christ


As you may know, in India, women and girls continue to receive less education on average than their male peers. In fact, the male literacy rate in India is 77 percent, while women trail behind at 55 percent.

Women and girls also continue to face widespread domestic abuse, as the message from childhood is that Indian society prefers boys to girls. India is now facing a female population deficit of 35 million, thought to be largely the result of gender-selective abortion practices.

For a nurse named Aadhya who lives in northern India, the hopelessness she saw in some of her female patients helped her resolve to take action with Words of Hope.

Aadhya “felt a burden to share the good news of Jesus’ love,” explains Words of Hope’s Indian Ministry Director. So Aadhya met with women from many different faiths, using the Words of Hope and Back to God Ministries magazine publication printed in Hindi as a starting point for their conversations. The magazine provides a daily devotional, articles on health and current issues, inspirational stories, and spiritual guidance.

A special interview with two women especially caught Aadhya’s eye. In the article, the women told their stories and raised awareness for the value of women in God’s eyes. The stories laid a solidly biblical foundation for the conversations the women had next.

Aadhya is thankful that she was able to access this magazine because of caring people like you. As the women she talked to learned about how God values them, they began to discover value in themselves.

Now, she explains, she has had an opportunity to meet with many other women and children. “Your magazine is an effective tool to help me connect with people,” she says. “I find the articles to be rich in the Word of God.”

Together, we can help so many people like the women Aadhya met with—people who otherwise might not get to hear of the hope that can be found in Jesus. Aadhya is just one of 1400 subscribers to our Hindi magazine, and many more positive reactions have come from women living throughout northern India who have read the stories of value and hope in Christ.

Another reader called to say, “Most women in our churches need to know how God honors women. In this part of India, women find themselves in confinement; they don’t realize their worth. Articles like these will help develop the right self-esteem.”

This Thanksgiving, Aadhya and the women and children that she has met with truly have something to be thankful for. The Christian message of worth and value for women and salvation in Christ is changing lives.