Persian (Farsi)


Words of Hope works to share Christian hope both in Iran and throughout the Iranian diaspora through various types of media. Radio programs are recorded and then broadcast across the border via satellite, as well as being available 24/7 online. A wide variety of social media platforms are utilized to enable direct contact between Words of Hope staff and the Iranians who discover our resources. Videos and audiobooks are being produced in the Persian language to further connect with younger generations. Iranian Bible conferences are also held regularly in a safe location outside the country so that Iranians can come to learn about the Bible and worship in community.

Listener Responses

I was born in a Muslim family and I was very serious about my faith. I was trying to have a relationship with God through Islam, but Jesus found me and didn’t let me go. Through radio I learned I could be a Christian and I gave my heart to Jesus. We are alone, please pray for us, and don’t forget us. My church is your radio program.

At 17, I didn’t know anything about Jesus, but I loved to talk to him. I said “I want to talk to you; please talk to me too.” God started speaking to my heart through your radio programs. He changed my life and my mind.

The first time I heard about Jesus was through radio, and I’ve been listening ever since. I am so passionate and zealous about sharing the good news, and I don’t have fear.

Ministry Details

Target Area

Iran and Persian speakers around the world


(Names withheld for security reasons)


Transmission Site

  • Internet radio
  • Satellite radio
  • Apps