Tawang Monpa


The Tawang Monpa language (known as Dakpakha in Bhutan) is spoken by only a few small, isolated communities of indigenous peoples in Bhutan, India, and China. Almost all of these individuals are Buddhists; in Bhutan, there are virtually no Christians in these communities. Christians or seekers in these communities face serious persecution.

“Since this language is never written, it is very challenging to write programs,” shares our Tawang Monpa producer. “Even after writing, reading and recording is even more challenging. People are aware of the programs we produce and even if they know they are not so interested to listen to the gospel programs. They are very strong Buddhists. Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of the listeners.”

Listener Responses

Please pray for me as I am the only believer from my family. My parents are Buddhist and brothers are Buddhist monks. But we are sharing the gospel to them and hoping that they will believe one day.

Ministry Details

Target Area



(Name withheld for security reasons)


Transmission Site

  • Shortwave from C.I.S.