The Garhwal is a mountainous region where the River Ganges emerges from the Himalayas. It is home to many of Hinduism’s holiest sites with numerous shrines for Hindu pilgrimage. The Garhwali people listen to radio – the only available means of taking the gospel to these mountain dwellers. The Garhwali language is spoken by over 4 million people in the Garhwal region of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. This region still faces the problems of illiteracy and poverty. Radio is an effective tool to reach the many Garhwali listeners with the message of God’s redeeming love.

Listener Responses

I came to know Jesus through your programs and it is also my only source of learning from the Scripture. Since I cannot read or write, I cannot read the Bible or any other literature. Hence, please make sure that the program is heard clearly in all the places it is broadcast. If I miss even a single segment of the program, I feel as if I have lost something. The songs really touch my heart and make my soul sing for joy. At times I feel very lonely, but listening to your program lifts me up and I feel the presence of the Lord in my life. Your programs are food for my spiritual growth. Thank you!

Through the radio prayer, I was healed from paralysis, and through my healing, the whole village of people came to know Christ. This is our listener group. I accepted Jesus Christ through the radio. Today my whole family has accepted Jesus Christ. The village people are ready for baptism.

A young man came to know the Lord through the Garhwali program. His joy was complete and now all he wanted was for the rest of his family to be saved. He encouraged his brother to listen to the program. He too was blessed and accepted Jesus as Savior. The brothers are now praying for their parents who have also now started listening to the programs.

I came to know about Jesus on the radio. He is the one who can save me from sin. He is the only one to forgive my sins as He has paid for my sin by His death on the cross.

Ministry Details

Target Area

Uttarakhand, India


  • Rajesh Mansell
  • Ajay Kumar


Transmission Site

  • Shortwave from C. I. S.


Monday – Friday at 18:30