You Are Building the Church in Niger


Local Outreach

In the African country of Niger, less than one percent of the population identifies as Christian. But this staggering statistic has not stopped local churches from setting faith-based outreach goals. In fact, the Evangelical Church of Niger (EERN) has a strategy to plant 52 new churches within the span of five years!

In order to lay the groundwork for their church planters, the EERN produces Christian radio programs with Words of Hope in the local tribal languages of the people they are trying to reach. Such broadcasts serve as an unobtrusive introduction to the gospel. The church-planting pastors provide contact phone numbers at the end of each program so that interested individuals can call the station with their thoughts and questions.

New Languages

In addition to the widely spoken languages of French and Hausa, Words of Hope Niger is now broadcasting throughout the country in five additional tribal languages: Zarma, Fulfulde, Gourmantche, Kanuri, and Tubu. Such expansion is possible because of your faithful support.

While primarily Muslim, many in these tribes also retain aspects of traditional animism, or the worship of nature elements, in their religious practices. Among the Zarma, for example, cults, spirit possession, and demon worship are all familiar parts of local religious life.

Good News by Radio

Radio is the ideal tool for outreach to these people groups for a variety of reasons. The Fulfulde people are nomadic and carry radios with them from camp to camp, providing a unique opportunity for Words of Hope Niger to reach out to them through Christian broadcasting. The Gourmantche have extremely low literacy rates, so audio resources are especially important as they come to know the Savior.

Already listeners are responding positively to the good news shared on the radio! In the past year, 13 new churches have opened successfully, and Christian converts are receiving baptism.

Thank you for helping us to reach new people groups with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in Niger.

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